In the early days many young men travelled from the South & West of Ireland for seasonal employment on the midland bogs of Bord na Móna . Thousands of men migrated seasonally with many of them settling in Bord na Móna houses and marrying local women. In some cases the workers brought their families to settle in the midlands. The vast majority of men were employed to work on the bogs directly however with the ever increasing use of equipment fitters, mechanics and engineers were soon a large part of the workforce.

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Name Location Start date
Mack, Travis Newbridge
Mackey, Thomas Boora 1957
Madden, Liam Boora
Madden, Michael Boora 1954
Madden, Michael Mountdillon
Madden, Patrick Boora 1954
Madden, Sally Mountdillon
Madigan, Daniel Boora 1954
Magan, Charles Mountdillon
Magan, Martin Mountdillon
Magan, Thomas Mountdillon
Maguire, Grainne Newbridge
Maguire, John Mountdillon
MaGuire, Patrick Mountdillon
Maguire, Peter Boora 1955
Maguire, Thomas Littleton
Maher, Denis Littleton
Maher, James Derrinlough
Maher, Martin Littleton
Maher, Patrick Boora
Mahlke, K Boora 1957
Mahon, Christy Boora
Mahon, Edward Boora 1957
Mahon, Frank Boora 1957
Mahon, Joe Derrinlough
Mahon, John Mountdillon
Mahon, Mary Boora 1955
Mahon, Michael Boora
Mahon, Patrick Mountdillon
Mahoney, Patrick Mountdillon
Malley, Martin Mountdillon
Malley, Patrick Mountdillon
Malone, Anthony Mountdillon
Malone, Francis Mountdillon
Malone, James Mountdillon
Malone, Joseph Mountdillon
Malone, Michael Boora 1954
Malone, Tom Boora
Malone, Tony Boora
Maloney, Tim Boora 1959
Mangan, Humphrey Boora 1946
Mangan, John Derrygreenagh
Mann, William Derrygreenagh
Mannion, Kieran Blackwater
Mannion, Martin Boora 1955
Mannion, Martin Mountdillon
Mannion, Sean Boora 1956
Mannion, T Timahoe 1950-1951
Manor, John Boora 1954
Mark, Nugent Derrygreenagh
Marlow, James Mountdillon
Marlow, John Mountdillon
Marlow, Michael Mountdillon
Marrey, John J Boora 1956
Marrey, Noel Boora 1956
Marrinan, Ml J Boora 1954
Martin, Christopher Boora 1954
Martin, John H Boora 1956
Martin, Ned Boora
Martin, Val Dublin
Martin, Valentine Mountdillon
Martin, Valentine Mountdillon
Mason, Christopher Boora 1954
Masterson, Edward Mountdillon
Masterson, Mel Mountdillon
Masterson, Richard Mountdillon
Matthews, David Dublin
Matthews, Joseph Boora 1954
Maxwell, Cyril Boora 1954
Maye, Anthony Oweninny
Mayo, John Boora 1954
McAlister, Seamus Mountdillon
McAlister, Seamus Mountdillon
McAllen, John Boora 1954
McAllen, John Boora 1954
McAllister, Patrick Mountdillon
Mcandrew, John Oweninny
McAnea, Patrick Mountdillon
McArdle, Thomas Mountdillon
McAteer, Brian Mountdillon
McAviney, Francis Mountdillon
McBreen, John Boora 1954
McCabe, Michael Boora 1955
McCabe, Patrick Boora 1946
McCabe, Thomas Mountdillon
McCann, Bernard Boora 1954
McCann, George Mountdillon
McCann, James Mountdillon
McCann, James Mountdillon
McCann, Michael Mountdillon
McCann, Noel Boora
Mccann, Noel Boora
Mccann, Paul Derrygreenagh
McCann, Sean Boora
McCarthy, Charles Boora 1957
McCarthy, Denis Boora 1956
Mccarthy, George Littleton
McCarthy, James Boora 1954
Mccarthy, Justin Derrygreenagh
McCarthy, Patrick Mountdillon
McCarthy, Timothy Mountdillon
Mccarthy, William Newbridge
McCartor, John Boora 1955
Mccaul, Mary Newbridge
McCaul, Michael Mountdillon
McCloat, Anthony Mountdillon
McCormack, Albert Boora 1954
McCormack, Bernard Mountdillon
McCormack, Brendan Boora 1954
Mccormack, Desmond Derrygreenagh
Mccormack, James Mountdillon
McCormack, John Mountdillon
McCormack, John Francis Boora 1955
McCormack, Patrick Mountdillon
McCormack, Peter Mountdillon
McCormack, Richard Boora 1954
McCormack, Thomas Mountdillon
McCormick, Fintan Boora 1955
McCoy, Michael Boora 1955
McCudden, James Mountdillon
McCullagh, Alexander Boora 1957
McCurtain, Sean Boora 1954
McDermott, Brendan Boora 1955
Mcdermott, Brendan Blackwater
Mcdermott, Des Mountdillon
McDermott, John Boora 1955
McDermott, John Boora 1955
Mcdermott, John Newbridge
McDermott, John F Boora 1954
McDermott, Michael Mountdillon
McDermott, Patrick Boora 1955
McDermott, Patrick Boora 1954
McDermott, Thomas Mountdillon
Mcdermott, Trevor Derrinlough
McDonagh, Coleman Mountdillon
Mcdonagh, Enda Boora
McDonagh, Gerald Mountdillon
McDonagh, John Mountdillon
McDonagh, Michael Mountdillon
McDonagh, Michael Mountdillon
McDonagh, Stephen Mountdillon
McDonald, Brian Mountdillon
McDonald, Michael Boora 1955
McDonald, Peter Boora
McDonald, Vincent Boora 1955
McDonnell, Bernard Mountdillon
Mcdonnell, Declan Newbridge
Mcdonnell, Gilbert Croghan
McDonnell, John Mountdillon
McDonnell, Thomas Boora 1954
McDonnell, Vincent Boora 1954
Mcdyer, Patrick Glenties
McEntyre, John Mountdillon
Mcevoy, Eamon Dublin
Mcevoy, Michael Blackwater
Mcevoy, Patrick Derrygreenagh
McEvoy, Seamus Boora 1954
Mcevoy, William Mountdillon
McGann, Daniel Boora 1954
McGann, James Mountdillon
McGann, John Mountdillon
McGann, Michael Mountdillon
McGann, Patrick Mountdillon
McGarry, John Mountdillon
McGarry, Michael Mountdillon
McGarry, Stephen Boora 1955
McGee, John Mountdillon
McGee, John Boora 1954
McGee, Vincent Boora 1954
McGillicuddy, Michael Boora 1956
McGinn, John Mountdillon
McGlynn, James Mountdillon
McGoire, James Mountdillon
McGorlick, Gerard Boora 1955
McGovern, Gerald Boora 1955
McGovern, James Mountdillon
McGovern, John Mountdillon
McGovern, John Boora
McGovern, John Boora
McGovern, P Timahoe 1950-1951
McGovern, Patrick Mountdillon
McGovern, Peter Boora 1954
McGowan, Peter Mountdillon
McGowan, Terence Boora 1956
McGranaghan, James Mountdillon
McGrath, Andrew Mountdillon
Mcgrath, Daniel Ballivor
McGrath, James Boora 1954
McGrath, John Mountdillon
McGrath, John Boora 1954
Mcgrath, John Blackwater
McGrath, Martin Mountdillon
McGrath, Mary Timahoe 1950-1951
McGrath, Michael Boora 1955
McGrath, Michael Boora 1954
McGrath, Seamus Mountdillon
McGrath, Thomas Boora 1955
McGrath, Thomas Mountdillon
McGrath, Thomas Mountdillon
McGreevy, Leo Mountdillon
Mcgregor, William Oweninny
McGuigan, James Mountdillon
Mcguinness, Donal Boora
Mcguinness, Jim Derrygreenagh
Mcguinness, Jim Newbridge
McGuinness, John Boora 1954
Mcguinness, Patrick Derrygreenagh
McGuire, Eugene Mountdillon
McGuire, Francis Mountdillon
McGuire, J Boora 1959
McGuire, John Mountdillon
McGuire, Patrick Mountdillon
Mcguire, Patrick Mountdillon
McGuire, Thomas Mountdillon
McGuirk, John Mountdillon
McGuirk, Patrick Boora 1954
McGurran, Francis Boora 1955
Mchale, Frank Oweninny
McHugh, John Mountdillon
McHugh, John Mountdillon
Mchugh, Liam Mountdillon
McIntyre, Bernard Boora 1954
McIntyre, Mick Boora
McIntyre, Noel Boora
McIntyre, Peter Mountdillon
McIntyre, PJ Boora
McIntyre, Thomas Boora
McIntyre, Thomas Boora 1946
Mckenna, Barney Mountdillon
Mckenna, Gavin Kilberry
Mckenna, Mary Newbridge
Mckenna, Tony Newbridge
McKenzie, Alaster Boora 1954
Mckeon, John Mountdillon
Mckeon, Michael Mountdillon
Mckeon, Seamus Mountdillon
Mckiernan, John Boora
McKinney, Michael Mountdillon
Mclachlan, Mark Edenderry
McLoughlin, Francis Mountdillon
Mcloughlin, James Oweninny
McLoughlin, Thomas Mountdillon
McLoughlin, William Boora 1954
McMackin, William Boora 1955
McMahon, John Boora 1954
McMahon, Michael Boora 1954
McMahon, Michael Boora 1954
McMahon, Tim Boora 1946
Mcmanus, Brendan Blackwater
McManus, James Mountdillon
McManus, Michael Mountdillon
McManus, Thomas Mountdillon
Mcmorrow, Jason Sligo
Mcmorrow, Kevin Sligo
McNaboe, William Mountdillon
McNally, James Mountdillon
McNally, M Timahoe 1950-1951
McNally, Thomas Mountdillon
Mcnamara, Donal Ballivor
McNamara, Frank Boora 1954
McNamara, John Boora 1955
Mcnamara, John Derrygreenagh
McNamara, Patrick Mountdillon
Mcnamara, Patrick J Oweninny
McNamee, Brendan Boora 1955
McNamee, Oliver Mountdillon
McNamee, Patrick Mountdillon
McNiff, John Boora
McPartland, Peter Mountdillon
McPhilips, Andrew Mountdillon
McStravick, John Boora 1955
McSweeney, John Boora 1959
McTaggart, P Timahoe 1950-1951
McWeeney, Kevin Mountdillon
McWeeney, Thomas Mountdillon
Meehan, Anthony Mountdillon
Meehan, John Boora 1954
Meehan, Terry Boora 1955
Meenan, Katherine Newbridge
Meleady, Seamus Boora
Melia, Mick Boora
Meligan, W Timahoe 1950-1951
Merrins, James Boora 1955
Middleton, James Boora 1954
Miland, Patrick Boora 1954
Miley, John Mountdillon
Mills, Liam Blackwater
Mills, Michael Kilberry
Minnagh, Peter Mountdillon
Minnagh, Winston Mountdillon
Minnock, Brendan Boora
Mitchell, Billy Boora
Mitchell, Laurence Mountdillon
Mitchell, Neil Derrinlough
Mitchell, Noel Mountdillon
Molloy, Charles Mountdillon
Molloy, John Boora
Molloy, John Boora 1946
Molloy, Liam Derrinlough
Molloy, Roderick Boora
Molloy, Stephen Oweninny
Molloy, Thomas Boora 1946
Molloy, Thomas Boora 1946
Molloy, Thomas Boora 1946
Molloy, Tommy Boora
Moloney, Richard Mountdillon
Monagan, James Mountdillon
Monaghan, Anthony Boora 1946
Monaghan, Brendan Boora 1955
Monaghan, Dunican Boora
Monaghan, Edward Boora
Monaghan, James Mountdillon
Monaghan, John Boora
Monaghan, Michael Mountdillon
Monaghan, Patrick Boora
Monaghan, Thomas Boora 1946
Mooney, Dennis Boora 1956
Mooney, Eamon Boora
Mooney, Kevin Boora
Mooney, Laurence Mountdillon
Mooney, Michael Derrygreenagh
Moore, John Cuil na Mona
Moore, Kiernan Mountdillon
Moore, M Timahoe 1950-1951
Moore, Myles Boora 1954
Moore, P Timahoe 1950-1951
Moore, Pat Boora
Moore, Patrick Clonsast
Moore, Roddy Boora
Moore, Rody Boora
Moore, Seanie Littleton
Moore, William Mountdillon
Moran, James Kilberry
Moran, John Mountdillon
Moran, John Edenderry
Moran, John T Boora 1954
Moran, Thomas Mountdillon
Moran, Thomas Mountdillon
Moroney, Denis Mountdillon
Moroney, Michael Mountdillon
Morphan, Eugene Mountdillon
Morrisey, Frank Boora 1954
Mortimer, Marcella Edenderry
Moss, Gerard Boora 1957
Moylan, Barney Derrinlough
Moylan, Sean Blackwater
Moyles, Anthony Oweninny
Moyles, Brendan Oweninny
Moyles, John Oweninny
Moynihan, James Boora 1954
Moynihan, John Boora 1954
Moynihan, Michael Boora 1946
Mulcahy, Daniel Mountdillon
Mulcahy, Patrick Mountdillon
Mulcain, Luke Boora 1954
Muldoon, John Mountdillon
Mulhall, Matthew Boora 1954
Mulhall, Mick Derrygreenagh
Mulhall, Robert Boora 1954
Mulhern, Bridie Mountdillon
Mulhern, James Mountdillon
Mulhern, Martin Mountdillon
Mulhern, Michael Mountdillon
Mullally, Robert Boora 1954
Mullaney, Denis Mountdillon
Mullaniff, Shay Edenderry
Mullarkey, John Tom Oweninny
Mullen, Anthony Boora 1955
Mullen, Anthony Mountdillon
Mullen, Billy Derryfadda
Mulleney, Joseph Mountdillon
Mullery, Joseph Boora 1954
Mullooly, Patrick Mountdillon
Multany, James Boora
Mulvany, Michael Boora 1954
Mulvihill, Brendan Mountdillon
Mulvihill, Patrick Mountdillon
Mulvihill, Rose Mountdillon
Munily, Patrick J Boora 1954
Murphy, Anthony Mountdillon
Murphy, Anthony Mountdillon
Murphy, Anthony Mountdillon
Murphy, Arthur Boora 1954
Murphy, Charles Boora 1955
Murphy, Denis Mountdillon
Murphy, Dermot Boora 1959
Murphy, Eamon Oweninny
Murphy, Hugh Mountdillon
Murphy, James Mountdillon
Murphy, James Mountdillon
Murphy, James Mountdillon
Murphy, Jeff Boora
Murphy, Jeremiah Foynes
Murphy, Joe Boora
Murphy, John Mountdillon
Murphy, John Boora 1946
Murphy, John Boora 1954
Murphy, John Mountdillon
Murphy, John Mountdillon
Murphy, Jude Mountdillon
Murphy, Maurice Mountdillon
Murphy, Michael Boora 1954
Murphy, Michael Mountdillon
Murphy, Michael Clonsast
Murphy, Michael Clonsast
Murphy, Patrick Boora
Murphy, PJ Boora
Murphy, Seamus Kilberry
Murphy, Sean Derrinlough
Murphy, Teresa Newbridge
Murphy, Thomas Boora 1954
Murphy, Thomas Boora 1946
Murphy, William Mountdillon
Murray, Bernard Mountdillon
Murray, Bridget Mountdillon
Murray, Danny Mountdillon
Murray, David Boora 1946
Murray, Donald Mountdillon
Murray, Edward Boora 1955
Murray, Edward Boora 1946
Murray, Eugene Derrinlough
Murray, Ger Boora
Murray, Ger Boora
Murray, Graham Mountdillon
Murray, James Mountdillon
Murray, James Mountdillon
Murray, James Mountdillon
Murray, James Mountdillon
Murray, James Mountdillon
Murray, James Boora
Murray, Jim Boora
Murray, John Mountdillon
Murray, John Mountdillon
Murray, Liam Boora 1956
Murray, Martin Boora
Murray, Michael Mountdillon
Murray, Michael Mountdillon
Murray, Noel Mountdillon
Murray, Padraig Mountdillon
Murray, Patrick Boora
Murray, Patrick Mountdillon
Murray, Patrick Ballydermot
Murray, Patrick Mountdillon
Murray, Peter Mountdillon
Murray, Thomas Boora 1946
Murray, Thomas Mountdillon
Murray, Thomas Mountdillon
Murray, Thomas Mountdillon
Murray, Thomas Boora 1946
Murray, William Mountdillon
Murray, William Mountdillon
Murtagh, Pat Mountdillon
Murtagh, Pete Mountdillon
Murtagh, Thomas Timahoe

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