In the early days many young men travelled from the South & West of Ireland for seasonal employment on the midland bogs of Bord na Móna . Thousands of men migrated seasonally with many of them settling in Bord na Móna houses and marrying local women. In some cases the workers brought their families to settle in the midlands. The vast majority of men were employed to work on the bogs directly however with the ever increasing use of equipment fitters, mechanics and engineers were soon a large part of the workforce.

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Name Location Start date
Kaidlon, Ignatuis Boora 1954
Kane, James Mountdillon
Kane, John Croghan
Kane, Pat Derrygreenagh
Kane, S Timahoe 1950-1951
Kane, Thomas Boora 1954
Kavanagh, John Boora 1954
Kavanagh, John Boora
Kavanagh, John Lullymore
Kavanagh, Michael Boora
Kavanagh, Mick Boora
Kavanagh, Mick Boora
Kavanagh, Roisin Newbridge
Kavanagh, Seamus Boora 1955
Keane, Francis Mountdillon
Keane, Hugh Mountdillon
Keane, James Blackwater
Keane, John Boora 1955
Keane, Patrick Mountdillon
Keane, Thomas Mountdillon
Keane, William Mountdillon
Kearney, Michael Mountdillon
Kearney, Patrick Mountdillon
Kearney, Sheila Newbridge
Keating, Denis Boora 1955
Keating, Thomas Boora 1954
Keavney, Patrick Mountdillon
Kedian, Michael Mountdillon
Kedian, Thomas Mountdillon
Keegan, Bernard Mountdillon
Keegan, J Timahoe 1950-1951
Keegan, James Mountdillon
Keegan, Joe Derrygreenagh
Keegan, Julie Newbridge
Keegan, Kevin Clonsast
Keegan, Laurence Boora 1957
Keegan, Laurence Boora 1954
Keegan, Michael Mountdillon
Keegan, Michael Mountdillon
Keegan, Pat Derrygreenagh
Keegan, Pat Derrygreenagh
Keegan, Patrick Boora
Keegan, Patrick Mountdillon
Keely, Paul Boora 1955
Keena, Frank Boora
Keena, Ger Boora
Keenaghan, Paddy Boora
Keenan, Edward Mountdillon
Keenan, Francis Mountdillon
Keenan, Gerry Mountdillon
Keenan, James Mountdillon
Keenan, John Mountdillon
Keenan, Leo Mountdillon
Keenan, Michael Mountdillon
Keenan, Patrick Mountdillon
Kehoe, Aidan Mountdillon
Kehoe, Christopher Clonsast
Kellaghan, Peter Boora 1955
Kellane, Patrick Mountdillon
Kelleher, Patrick Mountdillon
Kelleher, Stephen Newbridge
Kelly, Aloysius Ballydermot
Kelly, Andrew Croghan
Kelly, Bernard Mountdillon
Kelly, Donal Derryfadda
Kelly, Edward Mountdillon
Kelly, Edward Mountdillon
Kelly, Fintan Boora
Kelly, Francis Boora
Kelly, G Timahoe 1950-1951
Kelly, Gerry Derryfadda
Kelly, Hubert Mountdillon
Kelly, James Mountdillon
Kelly, Jas Boora 1946
Kelly, John Mountdillon
Kelly, John Boora
Kelly, John Mountdillon
Kelly, John Mountdillon
Kelly, John Dublin
Kelly, John Dublin
Kelly, John Joseph Attymon
Kelly, Joseph Mountdillon
Kelly, Joseph Mountdillon
Kelly, Jp Boora
Kelly, Liam Cuil na Mona
Kelly, Liam Mountdillon
Kelly, Luke Mountdillon
Kelly, Martin Boora
Kelly, Martin J Boora 1955
Kelly, Michael Mountdillon
Kelly, Michael Mountdillon
Kelly, Michael Mountdillon
Kelly, Michael Mountdillon
Kelly, Michael Littleton
Kelly, Oliver Mountdillon
Kelly, Padraig Mountdillon
Kelly, Patrick Mountdillon
Kelly, Patrick J Derrygreenagh
Kelly, Peter Boora
Kelly, Peter Boora
Kelly, Peter Derrygreenagh
Kelly, Seamus Blackwater
Kelly, Sean Boora
Kelly, Sean Mountdillon
Kelly, Thomas Mountdillon
Kelly, Thomas Mountdillon
Kelly, Thomas Mountdillon
Kelly, Thomas J Boora 1954
Kelly, Tom Boora
Kelly, William Mountdillon
Kelly, William Mountdillon
Kelly, William Derrygreenagh
Kenna, Jimmy Boora
Kenna, John Boora 1955
Kenna, Noel Boora
Kenna, Peter Boora
Kennedy, Brian Mountdillon
Kennedy, James Mountdillon
Kennedy, John Derrinlough
Kennedy, Michael Mountdillon
Kennedy, Michael Cuil na Mona
Kennedy, Ollie Edenderry
Kennedy, Patrick Boora 1954
Kennedy, Patrick Bond Rd
Kennedy, Thomas Mountdillon
Kennedy, Tim Boora 1955
Kennelly, Gus Boora 1956
Kennelly, Patrick Mountdillon
Kennelly, Patrick J Boora 1956
Kenny, Daniel Newbridge
Kenny, Darren Blackwater
Kenny, Ger Derrygreenagh
Kenny, Gerard Boora
Kenny, J Boora 1957
Kenny, Jim Boora
Kenny, John Mountdillon
Kenny, John Mountdillon
Kenny, John Joe Boora
Kenny, Kieran Blackwater
Kenny, Michael Derrinlough
Kenny, Mick Derrinlough
Kenny, Patrick Mountdillon
Kenny, Patrick J Blackwater
Kenny, Philip Boora
Kenny, Richard Mountdillon
Kenny, Stephen Blackwater
Kenny, Thomas Derrygreenagh
Kenny, William Boora 1955
Keogh, John Boora 1954
Keogh, John Newbridge
Keogh, Michael Ballivor
Keogh, Patrick Boora 1955
Keogh, Patrick Boora 1954
Kerrigan, Anthony Mountdillon
Kerrigan, Michael Mountdillon
Kerrigan, Peter Mountdillon
Keyes, Joseph Edenderry
Kidney, Jas Boora 1946
Kidney, Jimmy Boora
Kielty, Joseph Mountdillon
Kiernan, Bernard Mountdillon
Kiernan, Joeseph Mountdillon
Kiernan, John Mountdillon
Kiernan, John Mountdillon
Kiernan, Joseph Mountdillon
Kiernan, Michael Mountdillon
Kiernan, Michael Mountdillon
Kiernan, William Boora 1956
Kiernan, William Mountdillon
Kiernan, William Ballydermot
Kilcline, Patrick Mountdillon
Kilcommons, Paddy Blackwater
Kilcommons, Patrick Mountdillon
Kilcoyne, Patrick Mountdillon
Kilcrann, James Mountdillon
Kililea, Laurence Mountdillon
Kililea, Mathew Mountdillon
Kilkenny, James Mountdillon
Kilkenny, John Blackwater
Killane, James Boora
Killeen, Liam Dublin
Killeen, William Dublin
Killian, Brendan Blackwater
Killian, Declan Boora
Killian, Eddie Boora
Killian, Mick Boora
Killian, Patrick Blackwater
Killian, Patrick Joseph Mountdillon
Killian, Thomas Mountdillon
Kilmartin, Vincent Boora
Kilmartin, William Mountdillon
Kilmurray, Noel Derrygreenagh
King, Christopher Boora 1955
King, James Mountdillon
Kingston, Joseph Boora 1956
Kinsella, Laurence Boora 1954
Kinsella, Stephen Timahoe
Kinsella, T Timahoe 1950-1951
Kinsella, William Boora 1957
Kirrane, Sean Boora 1954
Kirwan, Jerry Mountdillon
Kirwan, Leo Boora
Kirwan, Michael Mountdillon

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