In the early days many young men travelled from the South & West of Ireland for seasonal employment on the midland bogs of Bord na Móna . Thousands of men migrated seasonally with many of them settling in Bord na Móna houses and marrying local women. In some cases the workers brought their families to settle in the midlands. The vast majority of men were employed to work on the bogs directly however with the ever increasing use of equipment fitters, mechanics and engineers were soon a large part of the workforce.

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Name Location Start date
D'Arcy, Gabriel Newbridge
Dalton, Joseph Mountdillon
Dalton, Joseph Mountdillon
Dalton, Thomas Mountdillon
Daly, Brendan Mountdillon
Daly, Denis Boora 1955
Daly, E Timahoe 1950-1951
Daly, Ed Boora 1955
Daly, Joe Boora
Daly, John Mountdillon
Daly, Joseph Boora 1954
Daly, Joseph Ballivor
Daly, Liam Mountdillon
Daly, Liam Clonsast
Daly, Michael Mountdillon
Daly, Michael Blackwater
Daly, Mick Boora
Daly, Nicholas Mountdillon
Daly, Pat J Boora 1954
Daly, Patrick Boora
Daly, Patrick Timahoe
Daly, Thomas Boora 1946
Daly, Vincent Boora 1946
Danagher, P Timahoe 1950-1951
Daniel, Patrick J Boora 1955
Darcy, Helen Boora
Darcy, Martin Derrinlough
Davey, Anthony Boora 1954
Davey, William Boora 1955
Davy, John Boora 1954
Deane, John Boora
Deasy, John Boora 1946
Deasy, Patrick C. Newbridge
Dee, Maurice Timahoe
Deegan, Joe Boora
Deegan, John Boora
Deegan, Joseph Boora 1956
Deegan, Kevin Blackwater
Deegan, Roger Boora
Deegan, Rom Derrygreenagh
Deegan, Ronnie Boora
Deignan, James Boora 1955
Delaney, Brian Cuil na Mona
Delaney, Christy Boora
Delaney, Denis Boora
Delaney, Jas Boora 1946
Delaney, John Boora 1954
Delaney, Kieran Boora
Delaney, Kitty Boora
Delaney, Matt Boora
Delaney, Michael Mountdillon
Delaney, Mick Boora
Delaney, Oliver Croghan
Delaney, Sean Clonsast
Delaney, William Boora 1946
Delaney, William Cuil na Mona
Delee, John Mountdillon
Delgado, Carls Boora 1959
Delmer, Bernard Newbridge
Dempsey, Gwen Newbridge
Dempsey, Paul Littleton
Dempsey, William Boora 1946
Denneby, Patrick Boora 1954
Dennigan, James Mountdillon
Dermody, Brendan Blackwater
Dermody, William Boora 1955
Derrraine, M Timahoe 1950-1951
Derwin, Michael Mountdillon
Derwin, Thomas Mountdillon
Deverell, David AES Naas
Devery, Frank Boora
Devery, Grace Boora
Devery, John Boora
Devery, John Boora
Devery, Kieran AES Portlaoise
Devery, Paddy Boora
Devery, Patrick Boora
Devery, Patrick Boora
Devery, PJ Boora
Devine, Bernie Bond Rd
Devine, Michael Boora 1955
Devlin, Frank Mountdillon
Diffley, Patrick Mountdillon
Digan, Bernard Boora 1955
Digan, Patsy Boora
Dillon, Pat Blackwater
Dillon, Seamus Derrygreenagh
Dixon, Thomas Boora 1955
Dockery, Martin Boora 1954
Doherty, Edward Mountdillon
Doherty, James Mountdillon
Doherty, Joseph Mountdillon
Doherty, Liam Newbridge
Doherty, Patrick Mountdillon
Doherty, Thomas Mountdillon
Doherty, William Mountdillon
Dolan, Denis Boora 1946
Dolan, James Mountdillon
Dolan, James Blackwater
Dolan, John Boora 1954
Dolan, John Blackwater
Dolan, Joseph Mountdillon
Dolan, Joseph Oweninny
Dolan, Michael Boora 1954
Dolan, Michael Boora 1946
Dolan, Paul Boora
Dolan, Peter Mountdillon
Dolan, Valentine Mountdillon
Doldan, John P Boora 1959
Domigan, John Mountdillon
Donagher, Francis Mountdillon
Donaghie, Thomas Mountdillon
Donaghue, JJ Timahoe 1950-1951
Donaghue, JJ Timahoe 1950-1951
Donaghue, P Timahoe 1950-1951
Donegan, Patrick Mountdillon
Donlon, Bernard Mountdillon
Donlon, James Mountdillon
Donlon, Joe Mountdillon
Donlon, Patrick Mountdillon
Donlon, Thomas Mountdillon
Donnellan, Bernie Derryfadda
Donnellan, J Timahoe 1950-1951
Donnellan, John Mountdillon
Donnellan, Karen Newbridge
Donnelly, Seamus Mountdillon
Donoghue, Patrick Boora 1955
Donoher, George Kilberry
Donohoe, Anthony Oweninny
Donohoe, James Boora 1954
Donohoe, Joseph Boora 1954
Donohoe, Joseph Mountdillon
Donohoe, Patrick Mountdillon
Donohoe, Patrick Mountdillon
Donohoe, Patrick Mountdillon
Donohoe, Patrick Mountdillon
Donohue, John Mountdillon
Donohue, Liam Mountdillon
Donohue, Thomas Mountdillon
Donovan, William Mountdillon
Doody, Patrick Mountdillon
Doolan, Tom Boora
Dooley, Eamon Boora
Dooley, John Joe Boora 1946
Dooley, Joseph Boora 1946
Dooley, Seamus Blackwater
Doolin, Gerard Boora 1946
Doonan, John Mountdillon
Doorly, Thomas Mountdillon
Doran, William P Boora 1954
Doris, John Mountdillon
Dorrian, Francis Glenties
Douglas, George Mountdillon
Dowd, James Blackwater
Dowd, Joe Mountdillon
Dowler, Michael Mountdillon
Dowler, Patrick Mountdillon
Dowling, Joseph Boora 1954
Dowling, Joseph Mountdillon
Dowling, Martin Cuil na Mona
Dowling, Oliver Cuil na Mona
Dowling, Patrick Boora 1954
Dowling, Patrick Mountdillon
Downes, Michael Mountdillon
Downes, Pat Newbridge
Downey, John Derrinlough
Doyle, Christopher Boora 1954
Doyle, Cyril Boora 1955
Doyle, Frank Boora 1956
Doyle, Garrett Boora 1955
Doyle, Harry Edenderry
Doyle, James Boora 1946
Doyle, James Mountdillon
Doyle, Jennifer Edenderry
Doyle, John Boora 1955
Doyle, John Mountdillon
Doyle, John Boora
Doyle, John Boora 1954
Doyle, John Littleton
Doyle, Michael Mountdillon
Doyle, Patrick Boora 1954
Doyle, Peter Croghan
Doyle, Robert Boora 1954
Doyle, Thomas Boora 1955
Doyle, Thomas Mountdillon
Driscoll, Austin Boora 1954
Duff, Bernard Mountdillon
Duff, Patrick Mountdillon
Duff, Peter Mountdillon
Duffy, Billy Blackwater
Duffy, Ger Boora
Duffy, James Clonsast
Duffy, Joe Boora
Duffy, Michael Boora
Duffy, Michael Derrygreenagh
Duffy, Patrick Clonsast
Duffy, Paul Boora
Duffy, Rory
Duffy, Timothy Mountdillon
Duffy, William Mountdillon
Duggan, Edmund Boora 1954
Duggan, Patrick Ballydermot
Duggan, T Timahoe 1950-1951
Duggan, Thomas Boora 1955
Duhig, Declan Boora 1957
Duignan, James Mountdillon
Duignan, John Mountdillon
Duignan, William Croghan
Duke, Andrew Mountdillon
Dully, Patrick Boora 1956
Dunbar, Robert Boora 1955
Dunican, Denis Boora 1954
Dunican, John Boora 1946
Dunican, Mosie Derrinlough
Dunican, Sean Boora
Dunican, Thomas Boora 1946
Dunne, Andrew Boora 1955
Dunne, Bernard Cuil na Mona
Dunne, Charles Clonsast
Dunne, Frank Boora
Dunne, Joe Boora
Dunne, John Boora 1954
Dunne, John Boora 1954
Dunne, Kevin Derrygreenagh
Dunne, Martin Blackwater
Dunne, Noel Boora
Dunne, Patrick Kilberry
Dunne, PV Boora
Dunne, Richard R Boora 1954
Dunne, Sean Boora
Dunne, Thomas Mountdillon
Dunne, Timothy Cuil na Mona
Dwyer, Sadie Littleton

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