In the early days many young men travelled from the South & West of Ireland for seasonal employment on the midland bogs of Bord na Móna . Thousands of men migrated seasonally with many of them settling in Bord na Móna houses and marrying local women. In some cases the workers brought their families to settle in the midlands. The vast majority of men were employed to work on the bogs directly however with the ever increasing use of equipment fitters, mechanics and engineers were soon a large part of the workforce.

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Name Location Start date
Cadwalader, Thomas Boora 1957
Caffrey, John Boora 1954
Cahill, James Boora 1954
Cahill, James Derryfadda
Cahill, John Boora 1955
Cahill, Joseph Mountdillon
Cahill, Michael Mountdillon
Cahill, Pat Boora
Cahill, Patrick Mountdillon
Cahill, Seamus Boora
Calahan, Michael Mountdillon
Caldwell, Thomas Mountdillon
Callaghan, Brian Boora
Callaghan, Michael Mountdillon
Callaghan, P Boora 1957
Callan, Daniel Mountdillon
Callan, Daniel Boora 1956
Callanan, Brendan Boora 1955
Callinan, Michael Boora 1954
Callinan, Patrick Boora 1955
Calran, Daniel Boora 1954
Campbell, James Boora 1946
Campbell, James Derrygreenagh
Campbell, John P Mountdillon
Campbell, Mona Dublin
Campbell, Oliver Mountdillon
Canning, Cornelius Mountdillon
Cannon, James Boora 1955
Cannon, Malachy Derrinlough
Cannon, Tom Boora
Carberry, Bernard Mountdillon
Carberry, Bernard Mountdillon
Carberry, James Mountdillon
Carberry, James Bernard Mountdillon
Carberry, John Mountdillon
Carberry, Maureen Mountdillon
Carberry, Michael Mountdillon
Carberry, Patrick Mountdillon
Carberry, Peter Mountdillon
Carberry, Peter Mountdillon
Carberry, Robert Mountdillon
Carberry, Thomas Mountdillon
Carey, P Boora 1957
Carey, Patrick Mountdillon
Carey, Thomas Mountdillon
Carley, Michael Mountdillon
Carley, Patrick Mountdillon
Carley, Patrick Mountdillon
Carley, Thomas Mountdillon
Carolan, Anthony Boora 1954
Carolan, Henry Boora 1954
Carr, Francis Mountdillon
Carroll, Albie Boora
Carroll, Cormac Boora
Carroll, Elizabeth Boora 1955
Carroll, Gerry Boora
Carroll, James Mountdillon
Carroll, Jj Boora
Carroll, John Boora 1957
Carroll, John Boora 1946
Carroll, John Joe Boora
Carroll, Joseph Boora
Carroll, Katherine Boora 1954
Carroll, Michael Boora
Carroll, Miss E Boora 1956
Carroll, Mrs P Boora 1955
Carroll, Patrick Boora 1955
Carroll, Patrick Boora 1946
Carroll, Patrick Boora 1946
Carroll, Rody Boora
Carroll, Rody Derrinlough
Carrolll, John G Boora 1954
Carter, Thomas Boora 1955
Carthy, John Boora 1957
Carthy, Paddy Boora
Carthy, Patrick Mountdillon
Carty, Joseph Croghan
Carty, Peter Ballivor
Carty, Pj Blackwater
Carty, Sean Clonsast
Casey, Edward Mountdillon
Casey, Ethel Mountdillon
Casey, James Mountdillon
Casey, John Mountdillon
Casey, John Boora 1955
Casey, John Mountdillon
Casey, John Mountdillon
Casey, Joseph Boora 1955
Casey, Michael Boora 1954
Casey, Michael Mountdillon
Casey, Michael Mountdillon
Casey, P Timahoe 1950-1951
Casey, Patrick Boora 1955
Casey, Patrick Mountdillon
Casey, Patrick Mountdillon
Casey, Patrick Mountdillon
Casey, Patrick Mountdillon
Casey, Patrick Mountdillon
Casey, Patrick J. Mountdillon
Casey, Thomas Mountdillon
Casey(Jnr), Patrick Boora 1955
Casserly, James Mountdillon
Casserly, Patrick Mountdillon
Cassey, Dennis Boora 1956
Cassidy, J Boora 1956
Cassidy, Jim Boora
Cassidy, John Boora 1946
Cassidy, John C Boora 1955
Cassidy, Kevin Boora
Cassidy, Patrick Cuil na Mona
Caulfield, John Boora 1954
Caulfield, Joseph Boora 1955
Cavanagh, Francis Mountdillon
Cawley, Desmond Littleton
Chapman, Chris Mountdillon
Chapman, Michael Mountdillon
Cheevers, John Mountdillon
Cheriz, Thomas N Boora 1954
Chidgey, James Mountdillon
Chidgey, Michael Mountdillon
Claffey, Brendan Boora 1946
Claffey, Kieran Boora
Clair, John J Boora 1955
Clancy, David Boora
Clancy, J Timahoe 1950-1951
Clancy, Joe Boora
Clancy, John Boora 1955
Clancy, Patrick Mountdillon
Clarke, Donal Newbridge
Clarke, John Mountdillon
Clarke, John Mountdillon
Clarke, Pat Mountdillon
Clarke, Peter Mountdillon
Clarke, Thomas Boora 1954
Clarke, William Cuil na Mona
Cleary, James Boora 1955
Cleary, John Boora
Cleary, Michael Boora 1954
Cleary, William Boora
Clerkin, John Patrick Boora 1954
Clinton, Joseph Ballivor
Clyne, Patrick Mountdillon
Clyne, Timothy Mountdillon
Coady, John Boora 1954
Coffey, John Mountdillon
Coffey, Martin Kilberry
Coffey, Michael Mountdillon
Coffey, Patrick Boora 1946
Coffey, Peter Mountdillon
Cogan, John Mountdillon
Coghlan, Dick Croghan
Colfer, John Boora
Colgan, Patrick Derrygreenagh
Colgan, Raymond Derrinlough
Collins, Daniel Boora 1954
Collins, Daniel Mountdillon
Collins, John Mountdillon
Collins, John Boora 1955
Collins, Michael Boora 1954
Collins, Mick Boora
Colohan, Brendan Boora 1956
Colohan, Brendan Mountdillon
Colwell, Philip Boora 1954
Comerford, John Cuil na Mona
Comerford, William Derrygreenagh
Commins, David Littleton
Commins, Jimmy Boora
Commins, Roger Boora
Conaghan, P Timahoe 1950-1951
Conlon, Anthony Ballivor
Conlon, W Timahoe 1950-1951
Connaughton, Michael Mountdillon
Conneely, Andrew Mountdillon
Connell, Michael Mountdillon
Connell, Patrick Mountdillon
Connellan, Andrew Mountdillon
Connelly, Martin Boora 1954
Connerton, William Mountdillon
Connolly, Daniel Mountdillon
Connolly, Eugene Kilberry
Connolly, Frank Littleton
Connolly, John Mountdillon
Connolly, John Boora 1954
Connolly, Joseph Boora 1955
Connolly, Mick Boora
Connolly, Patrick Kilberry
Connolly, Willie Derrygreenagh
Connoly, Elizibith Timahoe 1950-1951
Connor, Cornelius Boora 1954
Connor, James Mountdillon
Connor, John Mountdillon
Connor, Joseph Mountdillon
Connor, Patrick Boora 1954
Connor, Patrick Mountdillon
Connor, Patrick Ballydermot
Connor, Thomas Mountdillon
Conroy, Gerard Boora 1955
Conroy, John Boora
Conroy, Patrick Mountdillon
Conroy, Patrick Mountdillon
Conroy, Patrick Boora
Conry, Martin Mountdillon
Considine, Matthew Timahoe
Considine, T Timahoe 1950-1951
Convery, Bryan Boora 1956
Convey, Sean Boora
Conway, John Mountdillon
Conway, Peter Boora 1955
Conway, Peter Boora 1954
Conway, Sarah Boora 1954
Conway, T Timahoe 1950-1951
Conway, Thomas Boora 1955
Conway, Thomas Mountdillon
Conwell, Martin Boora 1955
Conwell, Martin Mountdillon
Cooke, Matthew Mountdillon
Cooke, Michael Boora 1954
Cooke, Thomas Littleton
Cooney, Andy Littleton
Cooney, James Mountdillon
Cooney, James Mountdillon
Cooper, Michael Boora 1946
Cooper, Nigel Boora
Corbett, Andrew Littleton
Corbett, David Littleton
Corcoran, Brian Boora
Corcoran, David Derrygreenagh
Corcoran, Edward Mountdillon
Corcoran, Jim Boora
Corcoran, John J Boora 1955
Corcoran, Kieran Boora
Corcoran, Michael Mountdillon
Corcoran, Peter Mountdillon
Corcoran, Thomas Boora 1955
Corcoran, William Mountdillon
Corrigan, Donal Boora 1954
Corrigan, Eamon Derrygreenagh
Corrigan, John Mountdillon
Corrigan, Joseph Boora 1954
Corrigan, Patrick Mountdillon
Corrigan, Patrick Mountdillon
Corrigan, Patrick
Corrigan, Thomas Mountdillon
Corrigan, Thomas Mountdillon
Corrigan, William Boora 1954
Corrigan, William Coolnagun
Cosgrove, Michael Oweninny
Cosgrove, Richard Oweninny
Cosgrove, Seamus Oweninny
Costello, Hilary Newbridge
Costello, James
Costello, Michael Mountdillon
Costelloe, John Boora 1954
Costelloe, John J Boora 1956
Costelloe, Timothy Boora 1954
Coughlan, Brendan Blackwater
Coughlan, Ciaran Blackwater
Coughlan, Dan Boora 1946
Coughlan, Eamon Boora
Coughlan, James Boora
Coughlan, James Boora 1946
Coughlan, James Boora 1946
Coughlan, Joe Boora
Coughlan, John Boora 1946
Coughlan, Marty Boora
Coughlan, Matty Boora
Coughlan, Michael Boora
Coughlan, Michael Boora 1946
Coughlan, Patrick Boora
Coughlan, Patrick Blackwater
Coughlan, Richard Boora 1954
Coughlin, Anthony Ballydermot
Coundlan, Michael Mountdillon
Courtney, Charles Boora 1954
Cox, Anthony Mountdillon
Cox, Daniel Mountdillon
Cox, James Mountdillon
Cox, John Mountdillon
Cox, Michael Mountdillon
Cox, Niall Mountdillon
Cox, Peter Mountdillon
Cox, Pj Mountdillon
Cox, Terence Mountdillon
Cox, Thomas Mountdillon
Coyle, Alex Mountdillon
Coyle, Gerard Mountdillon
Coyle, Patrick Boora 1954
Coyne, Christopher Boora 1946
Coyne, John Derrygreenagh
Coyne, Pat Boora
Coyne, Raymond Derrygreenagh
Crabbe, William Cuil na Mona
Craig, John Mountdillon
Craughwell, Oliver Blackwater
Craven, Ger Boora
Craven, Joe Boora
Craven, Pat Boora
Craven, Sean Boora
Crawford, James Littleton
Crean, William Mountdillon
Creed, Gerard Kilberry
Creed, Timothy Boora 1956
Cregg, James Mountdillon
Crehan, Bernard Mountdillon
Crehan, Brian Mountdillon
Crehan, John Mountdillon
Crissman, Robert Greensboro USA
Cronin, Denis Boora 1955
Cronin, Tim Boora 1957
Crooke, George Mountdillon
Crosbie, John Ballydermot
Cross, Julia Timahoe 1950-1951
Cross, Thomas Boora 1946
Crossan, Daniel Mountdillon
Crowe, John Newbridge
Crowe, Michael Boora 1957
Crowe, Tom Newbridge
Crowe, William Boora 1946
Crowley, James Mountdillon
Crowley, Thomas Boora 1954
Crowley, Thomas Mountdillon
Cullan, Jimo Boora 1957
Cullen, Peter Boora 1955
Culleton, Michael Boora
Culleton, Mick Boora
Culleton, Seamus Boora
Culleton, W Timahoe 1950-1951
Cummins, Jimmy Boora
Cummins, John Boora
Cummins, Martin Mountdillon
Cunniffe, Harry Boora 1955
Cunningham, James Mountdillon
Cunningham, James Mountdillon
Cunningham, Jim Dublin
Cunningham, John Mountdillon
Cunningham, Michael Derryfadda
Cunningham, Patrick Boora 1954
Curham, Jack Clonsast
Curley, Francis Mountdillon
Curley, Frank Mountdillon
Curley, John Blackwater
Curley, Martin Blackwater
Curley, Patrick Mountdillon
Curley, Seamus Blackwater
Curling, Thomas Mountdillon
Currams, Michael Blackwater
Curran, Gerry Newbridge
Curran, Martin Blackwater
Curran, Patrick Boora 1955
Curran, Patrick Dublin
Curran, Timothy Mountdillon
Cushelly, Joseph Boora 1954
Cushen, Tommy Boora

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