In the early days many young men travelled from the South & West of Ireland for seasonal employment on the midland bogs of Bord na Móna . Thousands of men migrated seasonally with many of them settling in Bord na Móna houses and marrying local women. In some cases the workers brought their families to settle in the midlands. The vast majority of men were employed to work on the bogs directly however with the ever increasing use of equipment fitters, mechanics and engineers were soon a large part of the workforce.

Search here for members of Bord na Móna, alphabetically listed by surname.


Name Location Start date
Adlum, Peter Mountdillon
Aherne, Christopher Boora 1954
All, T Oliver Boora 1956
Allard, James Boora 1954
Allen, Albert Mountdillon
Allen, Brendan Boora 1954
Anderson, George Boora 1946
Anderson, Joe Boora
Anderson, Joseph Michael Boora
Armstrong, Patrick L Boora 1954
Aylward, Peter Boora 1955
Baggot, William Boora 1954
Bagnac, Patrick Boora 1954
Bagnall, J Boora 1957
Bagnall, W Boora 1957
Baker, Albert Boora 1946
Balfe, John Mountdillon
Ball, John Mountdillon
Ball, Thomas Mountdillon
Bannerton, Louis M Boora 1954
Bannon, James Mountdillon
Bannon, Patrick Mountdillon
Barden, Michael Mountdillon
Bardon, Dave Arklow
Barr, Kevin Boora 1954
Barrett, Joe Derrygreenagh
Barrett, Michael Oweninny
Barrett, Patrick Joseph Oweninny
Barron, Seamus Boora
Barry, Austin Boora 1957
Barry, Derrick Boora 1954
Barry, Edward Mountdillon
Barry, Michael Newbridge
Bassett, Thomas Boora 1957
Bassett, Thomas Boora 1954
Bawle, Michael Mountdillon
Bawle, Thomas Mountdillon
Baxter, Colm Boora 1954
Beatty, Patrick Mountdillon
Beglane, William Mountdillon
Behan, Brendan Mountdillon
Behan, Joseph Boora 1954
Beirne, Martin Mountdillon
Beirne, Patk J Boora 1954
Beirne, Thomas Mountdillon
Beirne, William Mountdillon
Bell, Eamon Boora
Belton, Richard Mountdillon
Bennett, John Mountdillon
Bennett, Mick Boora
Bennett, Paudge Boora
Bennett, Richard Boora
Bennett, Rita Boora
Bennett, William Mountdillon
Bergin, Charlie Boora
Bergin, Mattie Derrygreenagh
Bermingham, James Timahoe
Best, Patrick Mountdillon
Birmingham, PJ Boora
Black, Seamus Boora
Black, Sean Derrygreenagh
Blackbourne, Pat Boora 1957
Blake, Gerald Boora 1954
Boggins, Martin Boora 1954
Bogue, Patrick Mountdillon
Boilson, Andy Dublin
Boland, Edward Mountdillon
Boland, Martin Mountdillon
Boland, Maurice Boora 1956
Boland, P Timahoe 1950-1951
Boldescu, Serghei AES Nenagh
Bolger, James P Boora 1954
Bolger, Peter Boora 1946
Bonar, Daniel Boora 1955
Bonar, Daniel Mountdillon
Bourke, Noel Boora
Bourke, Patrick Boora 1954
Bourke, Sean Templetuohy
Bowes, James Boora 1954
Boyle, John Mountdillon
Boyle, John Mountdillon
Boyle, John J Boora 1954
Boyle, Kevin Boora 1954
Boyle, Patrick Glenties
Boyle, Thomas Mountdillon
Bracken, Christopher Littleton
Bracken, Hugh Boora
Bracken, James Mountdillon
Bracken, Joe Boora
Bracken, Noel Boora
Bracken, Patrick Boora
Bracken, Peter Boora 1946
Bracken, Terry Ballivor
Bracken, Thomas Boora
Bradley, Michael Kilberry
Brady, Brendan Boora 1954
Brady, Edward Mountdillon
Brady, Francis Mountdillon
Brady, Francis Mountdillon
Brady, John Mountdillon
Brady, Patrick Mountdillon
Brady, Patrick J Boora 1954
Brady, Peter Mountdillon
Brady, Phil Mountdillon
Brady, Thomas Mountdillon
Brady, William Mountdillon
Brannigan, Ciaran Mountdillon
Brazil, Jim Boora
Brazil, Kevin Boora
Bredin, Charles Mountdillon
Breen, M Timahoe 1950-1951
Brennan, Andrew Ballydermot
Brennan, Bertie Mountdillon
Brennan, Edward Boora 1954
Brennan, Edward Mountdillon
Brennan, Edward Mountdillon
Brennan, Finian Mountdillon
Brennan, Francis Mountdillon
Brennan, John Mountdillon
Brennan, Patrick Mountdillon
Brennan, Richard Boora 1955
Brennan, Sean Mountdillon
Brennan, Thomas Mountdillon
Brennan, William Mountdillon
Brereton, Christopher Ballydermot
Brereton, James Ballydermot
Brewer, Donie Boora
Brewer, John Mountdillon
Broad, George William Boora 1957
Brophy, Martin Boora 1954
Brophy, Martin Mountdillon
Brophy, Patrick Boora 1954
Brophy, William Boora 1946
Brosnan, James Mountdillon
Brown, L Boora 1957
Brown, Laurence Mountdillon
Browne, Edward Mountdillon
Browne, Frances Timahoe
Bryan, Christy Boora 1957
Buckley, Barney Boora
Buckley, Cornelius Boora 1954
Buckley, Cornelius Mountdillon
Buckley, Frank Newbridge
Buckley, JJ Boora
Buckley, John Boora
Buckley, John Boora 1946
Buckley, Matthew Boora
Buckley, Peter Boora 1946
Burbage, Michael Mountdillon
Burbage, Thomas Boora 1954
Burke, C Timahoe 1950-1951
Burke, Edmond Boora 1954
Burke, Francis Boora 1954
Burke, Francis Mountdillon
Burke, Frank Boora 1955
Burke, James Mountdillon
Burke, John Mountdillon
Burke, Patrick Boora 1954
Burke, Patrick Boora 1946
Burke, Vincent Boora 1954
Burke, William Boora 1954
Burns, John Mountdillon
Burns, John Mountdillon
Burns, Joseph Mountdillon
Burns, Patrick Mountdillon
Bushell, Patrick Mountdillon
Butler, John Paul Boora
Butler, Richards Mountdillon
Butler, T Timahoe 1950-1951
Butler, Thomas Mountdillon
Byrne, C Timahoe 1950-1951
Byrne, Christy Kilberry
Byrne, Daniel Mountdillon
Byrne, Francis Mountdillon
Byrne, James Boora 1955
Byrne, James Boora 1955
Byrne, Jimmy Boora
Byrne, John Boora 1957
Byrne, John Timahoe
Byrne, Laurence Mountdillon
Byrne, Liam Boora 1957
Byrne, Michael Mountdillon
Byrne, Michael Kilberry
Byrne, Oliver Ballydermot
Byrne, Paddy Derrinlough
Byrne, Patrick Jos Boora 1957
Byrne, Thomas Boora 1957
Byrne, Tony Derrygreenagh
Byrnes, Timothy M Boora 1955
Cadwalader, Thomas Boora 1957
Caffrey, John Boora 1954
Cahill, James Boora 1954
Cahill, James Derryfadda
Cahill, John Boora 1955
Cahill, Joseph Mountdillon
Cahill, Michael Mountdillon
Cahill, Pat Boora
Cahill, Patrick Mountdillon
Cahill, Seamus Boora
Calahan, Michael Mountdillon
Caldwell, Thomas Mountdillon
Callaghan, Brian Boora
Callaghan, Michael Mountdillon
Callaghan, P Boora 1957
Callan, Daniel Mountdillon
Callan, Daniel Boora 1956
Callanan, Brendan Boora 1955
Callinan, Michael Boora 1954
Callinan, Patrick Boora 1955
Calran, Daniel Boora 1954
Campbell, James Boora 1946
Campbell, James Derrygreenagh
Campbell, John P Mountdillon
Campbell, Mona Dublin
Campbell, Oliver Mountdillon
Canning, Cornelius Mountdillon
Cannon, James Boora 1955
Cannon, Malachy Derrinlough
Cannon, Tom Boora
Carberry, Bernard Mountdillon
Carberry, Bernard Mountdillon
Carberry, James Mountdillon
Carberry, James Bernard Mountdillon
Carberry, John Mountdillon
Carberry, Maureen Mountdillon
Carberry, Michael Mountdillon
Carberry, Patrick Mountdillon
Carberry, Peter Mountdillon
Carberry, Peter Mountdillon
Carberry, Robert Mountdillon
Carberry, Thomas Mountdillon
Carey, P Boora 1957
Carey, Patrick Mountdillon
Carey, Thomas Mountdillon
Carley, Michael Mountdillon
Carley, Patrick Mountdillon
Carley, Patrick Mountdillon
Carley, Thomas Mountdillon
Carolan, Anthony Boora 1954
Carolan, Henry Boora 1954
Carr, Francis Mountdillon
Carroll, Albie Boora
Carroll, Cormac Boora
Carroll, Elizabeth Boora 1955
Carroll, Gerry Boora
Carroll, James Mountdillon
Carroll, Jj Boora
Carroll, John Boora 1957
Carroll, John Boora 1946
Carroll, John Joe Boora
Carroll, Joseph Boora
Carroll, Katherine Boora 1954
Carroll, Michael Boora
Carroll, Miss E Boora 1956
Carroll, Mrs P Boora 1955
Carroll, Patrick Boora 1955
Carroll, Patrick Boora 1946
Carroll, Patrick Boora 1946
Carroll, Rody Boora
Carroll, Rody Derrinlough
Carrolll, John G Boora 1954
Carter, Thomas Boora 1955
Carthy, John Boora 1957
Carthy, Paddy Boora
Carthy, Patrick Mountdillon
Carty, Joseph Croghan
Carty, Peter Ballivor
Carty, Pj Blackwater
Carty, Sean Clonsast
Casey, Edward Mountdillon
Casey, Ethel Mountdillon
Casey, James Mountdillon
Casey, John Mountdillon
Casey, John Boora 1955
Casey, John Mountdillon
Casey, John Mountdillon
Casey, Joseph Boora 1955
Casey, Michael Boora 1954
Casey, Michael Mountdillon
Casey, Michael Mountdillon
Casey, P Timahoe 1950-1951
Casey, Patrick Boora 1955
Casey, Patrick Mountdillon
Casey, Patrick Mountdillon
Casey, Patrick Mountdillon
Casey, Patrick Mountdillon
Casey, Patrick Mountdillon
Casey, Patrick J. Mountdillon
Casey, Thomas Mountdillon
Casey(Jnr), Patrick Boora 1955
Casserly, James Mountdillon
Casserly, Patrick Mountdillon
Cassey, Dennis Boora 1956
Cassidy, J Boora 1956
Cassidy, Jim Boora
Cassidy, John Boora 1946
Cassidy, John C Boora 1955
Cassidy, Kevin Boora
Cassidy, Patrick Cuil na Mona
Caulfield, John Boora 1954
Caulfield, Joseph Boora 1955
Cavanagh, Francis Mountdillon
Cawley, Desmond Littleton
Chapman, Chris Mountdillon
Chapman, Michael Mountdillon
Cheevers, John Mountdillon
Cheriz, Thomas N Boora 1954
Chidgey, James Mountdillon
Chidgey, Michael Mountdillon
Claffey, Brendan Boora 1946
Claffey, Kieran Boora
Clair, John J Boora 1955
Clancy, David Boora
Clancy, J Timahoe 1950-1951
Clancy, Joe Boora
Clancy, John Boora 1955
Clancy, Patrick Mountdillon
Clarke, Donal Newbridge
Clarke, John Mountdillon
Clarke, John Mountdillon
Clarke, Pat Mountdillon
Clarke, Peter Mountdillon
Clarke, Thomas Boora 1954
Clarke, William Cuil na Mona
Cleary, James Boora 1955
Cleary, John Boora
Cleary, Michael Boora 1954
Cleary, William Boora
Clerkin, John Patrick Boora 1954
Clinton, Joseph Ballivor
Clyne, Patrick Mountdillon
Clyne, Timothy Mountdillon
Coady, John Boora 1954
Coffey, John Mountdillon
Coffey, Martin Kilberry
Coffey, Michael Mountdillon
Coffey, Patrick Boora 1946
Coffey, Peter Mountdillon
Cogan, John Mountdillon
Coghlan, Dick Croghan
Colfer, John Boora
Colgan, Patrick Derrygreenagh
Colgan, Raymond Derrinlough
Collins, Daniel Boora 1954
Collins, Daniel Mountdillon
Collins, John Mountdillon
Collins, John Boora 1955
Collins, Michael Boora 1954
Collins, Mick Boora
Colohan, Brendan Boora 1956
Colohan, Brendan Mountdillon
Colwell, Philip Boora 1954
Comerford, John Cuil na Mona
Comerford, William Derrygreenagh
Commins, David Littleton
Commins, Jimmy Boora
Commins, Roger Boora
Conaghan, P Timahoe 1950-1951
Conlon, Anthony Ballivor
Conlon, W Timahoe 1950-1951
Connaughton, Michael Mountdillon
Conneely, Andrew Mountdillon
Connell, Michael Mountdillon
Connell, Patrick Mountdillon
Connellan, Andrew Mountdillon
Connelly, Martin Boora 1954
Connerton, William Mountdillon
Connolly, Daniel Mountdillon
Connolly, Eugene Kilberry
Connolly, Frank Littleton
Connolly, John Mountdillon
Connolly, John Boora 1954
Connolly, Joseph Boora 1955
Connolly, Mick Boora
Connolly, Patrick Kilberry
Connolly, Willie Derrygreenagh
Connoly, Elizibith Timahoe 1950-1951
Connor, Cornelius Boora 1954
Connor, James Mountdillon
Connor, John Mountdillon
Connor, Joseph Mountdillon
Connor, Patrick Boora 1954
Connor, Patrick Mountdillon
Connor, Patrick Ballydermot
Connor, Thomas Mountdillon
Conroy, Gerard Boora 1955
Conroy, John Boora
Conroy, Patrick Mountdillon
Conroy, Patrick Mountdillon
Conroy, Patrick Boora
Conry, Martin Mountdillon
Considine, Matthew Timahoe
Considine, T Timahoe 1950-1951
Convery, Bryan Boora 1956
Convey, Sean Boora
Conway, John Mountdillon
Conway, Peter Boora 1955
Conway, Peter Boora 1954
Conway, Sarah Boora 1954
Conway, T Timahoe 1950-1951
Conway, Thomas Boora 1955
Conway, Thomas Mountdillon
Conwell, Martin Boora 1955
Conwell, Martin Mountdillon
Cooke, Matthew Mountdillon
Cooke, Michael Boora 1954
Cooke, Thomas Littleton
Cooney, Andy Littleton
Cooney, James Mountdillon
Cooney, James Mountdillon
Cooper, Michael Boora 1946
Cooper, Nigel Boora
Corbett, Andrew Littleton
Corbett, David Littleton
Corcoran, Brian Boora
Corcoran, David Derrygreenagh
Corcoran, Edward Mountdillon
Corcoran, Jim Boora
Corcoran, John J Boora 1955
Corcoran, Kieran Boora
Corcoran, Michael Mountdillon
Corcoran, Peter Mountdillon
Corcoran, Thomas Boora 1955
Corcoran, William Mountdillon
Corrigan, Donal Boora 1954
Corrigan, Eamon Derrygreenagh
Corrigan, John Mountdillon
Corrigan, Joseph Boora 1954
Corrigan, Patrick Mountdillon
Corrigan, Patrick Mountdillon
Corrigan, Patrick
Corrigan, Thomas Mountdillon
Corrigan, Thomas Mountdillon
Corrigan, William Boora 1954
Corrigan, William Coolnagun
Cosgrove, Michael Oweninny
Cosgrove, Richard Oweninny
Cosgrove, Seamus Oweninny
Costello, Hilary Newbridge
Costello, James
Costello, Michael Mountdillon
Costelloe, John Boora 1954
Costelloe, John J Boora 1956
Costelloe, Timothy Boora 1954
Coughlan, Brendan Blackwater
Coughlan, Ciaran Blackwater
Coughlan, Dan Boora 1946
Coughlan, Eamon Boora
Coughlan, James Boora
Coughlan, James Boora 1946
Coughlan, James Boora 1946
Coughlan, Joe Boora
Coughlan, John Boora 1946
Coughlan, Marty Boora
Coughlan, Matty Boora
Coughlan, Michael Boora
Coughlan, Michael Boora 1946
Coughlan, Patrick Boora
Coughlan, Patrick Blackwater
Coughlan, Richard Boora 1954
Coughlin, Anthony Ballydermot
Coundlan, Michael Mountdillon
Courtney, Charles Boora 1954
Cox, Anthony Mountdillon
Cox, Daniel Mountdillon
Cox, James Mountdillon
Cox, John Mountdillon
Cox, Michael Mountdillon
Cox, Niall Mountdillon
Cox, Peter Mountdillon
Cox, Pj Mountdillon
Cox, Terence Mountdillon
Cox, Thomas Mountdillon
Coyle, Alex Mountdillon
Coyle, Gerard Mountdillon
Coyle, Patrick Boora 1954
Coyne, Christopher Boora 1946
Coyne, John Derrygreenagh
Coyne, Pat Boora
Coyne, Raymond Derrygreenagh
Crabbe, William Cuil na Mona
Craig, John Mountdillon
Craughwell, Oliver Blackwater
Craven, Ger Boora
Craven, Joe Boora
Craven, Pat Boora
Craven, Sean Boora
Crawford, James Littleton
Crean, William Mountdillon
Creed, Gerard Kilberry
Creed, Timothy Boora 1956
Cregg, James Mountdillon
Crehan, Bernard Mountdillon
Crehan, Brian Mountdillon
Crehan, John Mountdillon
Crissman, Robert Greensboro USA
Cronin, Denis Boora 1955
Cronin, Tim Boora 1957
Crooke, George Mountdillon
Crosbie, John Ballydermot
Cross, Julia Timahoe 1950-1951
Cross, Thomas Boora 1946
Crossan, Daniel Mountdillon
Crowe, John Newbridge
Crowe, Michael Boora 1957
Crowe, Tom Newbridge
Crowe, William Boora 1946
Crowley, James Mountdillon
Crowley, Thomas Boora 1954
Crowley, Thomas Mountdillon
Cullan, Jimo Boora 1957
Cullen, Peter Boora 1955
Culleton, Michael Boora
Culleton, Mick Boora
Culleton, Seamus Boora
Culleton, W Timahoe 1950-1951
Cummins, Jimmy Boora
Cummins, John Boora
Cummins, Martin Mountdillon
Cunniffe, Harry Boora 1955
Cunningham, James Mountdillon
Cunningham, James Mountdillon
Cunningham, Jim Dublin
Cunningham, John Mountdillon
Cunningham, Michael Derryfadda
Cunningham, Patrick Boora 1954
Curham, Jack Clonsast
Curley, Francis Mountdillon
Curley, Frank Mountdillon
Curley, John Blackwater
Curley, Martin Blackwater
Curley, Patrick Mountdillon
Curley, Seamus Blackwater
Curling, Thomas Mountdillon
Currams, Michael Blackwater
Curran, Gerry Newbridge
Curran, Martin Blackwater
Curran, Patrick Boora 1955
Curran, Patrick Dublin
Curran, Timothy Mountdillon
Cushelly, Joseph Boora 1954
Cushen, Tommy Boora
D'Arcy, Gabriel Newbridge
Dalton, Joseph Mountdillon
Dalton, Joseph Mountdillon
Dalton, Thomas Mountdillon
Daly, Brendan Mountdillon
Daly, Denis Boora 1955
Daly, E Timahoe 1950-1951
Daly, Ed Boora 1955
Daly, Joe Boora
Daly, John Mountdillon
Daly, Joseph Boora 1954
Daly, Joseph Ballivor
Daly, Liam Mountdillon
Daly, Liam Clonsast
Daly, Michael Mountdillon
Daly, Michael Blackwater
Daly, Mick Boora
Daly, Nicholas Mountdillon
Daly, Pat J Boora 1954
Daly, Patrick Boora
Daly, Patrick Timahoe
Daly, Thomas Boora 1946
Daly, Vincent Boora 1946
Danagher, P Timahoe 1950-1951
Daniel, Patrick J Boora 1955
Darcy, Helen Boora
Darcy, Martin Derrinlough
Davey, Anthony Boora 1954
Davey, William Boora 1955
Davy, John Boora 1954
Deane, John Boora
Deasy, John Boora 1946
Deasy, Patrick C. Newbridge
Dee, Maurice Timahoe
Deegan, Joe Boora
Deegan, John Boora
Deegan, Joseph Boora 1956
Deegan, Kevin Blackwater
Deegan, Roger Boora
Deegan, Rom Derrygreenagh
Deegan, Ronnie Boora
Deignan, James Boora 1955
Delaney, Brian Cuil na Mona
Delaney, Christy Boora
Delaney, Denis Boora
Delaney, Jas Boora 1946
Delaney, John Boora 1954
Delaney, Kieran Boora
Delaney, Kitty Boora
Delaney, Matt Boora
Delaney, Michael Mountdillon
Delaney, Mick Boora
Delaney, Oliver Croghan
Delaney, Sean Clonsast
Delaney, William Boora 1946
Delaney, William Cuil na Mona
Delee, John Mountdillon
Delgado, Carls Boora 1959
Delmer, Bernard Newbridge
Dempsey, Gwen Newbridge
Dempsey, Paul Littleton
Dempsey, William Boora 1946
Denneby, Patrick Boora 1954
Dennigan, James Mountdillon
Dermody, Brendan Blackwater
Dermody, William Boora 1955
Derrraine, M Timahoe 1950-1951
Derwin, Michael Mountdillon
Derwin, Thomas Mountdillon
Deverell, David AES Naas
Devery, Frank Boora
Devery, Grace Boora
Devery, John Boora
Devery, John Boora
Devery, Kieran AES Portlaoise
Devery, Paddy Boora
Devery, Patrick Boora
Devery, Patrick Boora
Devery, PJ Boora
Devine, Bernie Bond Rd
Devine, Michael Boora 1955
Devlin, Frank Mountdillon
Diffley, Patrick Mountdillon
Digan, Bernard Boora 1955
Digan, Patsy Boora
Dillon, Pat Blackwater
Dillon, Seamus Derrygreenagh
Dixon, Thomas Boora 1955
Dockery, Martin Boora 1954
Doherty, Edward Mountdillon
Doherty, James Mountdillon
Doherty, Joseph Mountdillon
Doherty, Liam Newbridge
Doherty, Patrick Mountdillon
Doherty, Thomas Mountdillon
Doherty, William Mountdillon
Dolan, Denis Boora 1946
Dolan, James Mountdillon
Dolan, James Blackwater
Dolan, John Boora 1954
Dolan, John Blackwater
Dolan, Joseph Mountdillon
Dolan, Joseph Oweninny
Dolan, Michael Boora 1954
Dolan, Michael Boora 1946
Dolan, Paul Boora
Dolan, Peter Mountdillon
Dolan, Valentine Mountdillon
Doldan, John P Boora 1959
Domigan, John Mountdillon
Donagher, Francis Mountdillon
Donaghie, Thomas Mountdillon
Donaghue, JJ Timahoe 1950-1951
Donaghue, JJ Timahoe 1950-1951
Donaghue, P Timahoe 1950-1951
Donegan, Patrick Mountdillon
Donlon, Bernard Mountdillon
Donlon, James Mountdillon
Donlon, Joe Mountdillon
Donlon, Patrick Mountdillon
Donlon, Thomas Mountdillon
Donnellan, Bernie Derryfadda
Donnellan, J Timahoe 1950-1951
Donnellan, John Mountdillon
Donnellan, Karen Newbridge
Donnelly, Seamus Mountdillon
Donoghue, Patrick Boora 1955
Donoher, George Kilberry
Donohoe, Anthony Oweninny
Donohoe, James Boora 1954
Donohoe, Joseph Boora 1954
Donohoe, Joseph Mountdillon
Donohoe, Patrick Mountdillon
Donohoe, Patrick Mountdillon
Donohoe, Patrick Mountdillon
Donohoe, Patrick Mountdillon
Donohue, John Mountdillon
Donohue, Liam Mountdillon
Donohue, Thomas Mountdillon
Donovan, William Mountdillon
Doody, Patrick Mountdillon
Doolan, Tom Boora
Dooley, Eamon Boora
Dooley, John Joe Boora 1946
Dooley, Joseph Boora 1946
Dooley, Seamus Blackwater
Doolin, Gerard Boora 1946
Doonan, John Mountdillon
Doorly, Thomas Mountdillon
Doran, William P Boora 1954
Doris, John Mountdillon
Dorrian, Francis Glenties
Douglas, George Mountdillon
Dowd, James Blackwater
Dowd, Joe Mountdillon
Dowler, Michael Mountdillon
Dowler, Patrick Mountdillon
Dowling, Joseph Boora 1954
Dowling, Joseph Mountdillon
Dowling, Martin Cuil na Mona
Dowling, Oliver Cuil na Mona
Dowling, Patrick Boora 1954
Dowling, Patrick Mountdillon
Downes, Michael Mountdillon
Downes, Pat Newbridge
Downey, John Derrinlough
Doyle, Christopher Boora 1954
Doyle, Cyril Boora 1955
Doyle, Frank Boora 1956
Doyle, Garrett Boora 1955
Doyle, Harry Edenderry
Doyle, James Boora 1946
Doyle, James Mountdillon
Doyle, Jennifer Edenderry
Doyle, John Boora 1955
Doyle, John Mountdillon
Doyle, John Boora
Doyle, John Boora 1954
Doyle, John Littleton
Doyle, Michael Mountdillon
Doyle, Patrick Boora 1954
Doyle, Peter Croghan
Doyle, Robert Boora 1954
Doyle, Thomas Boora 1955
Doyle, Thomas Mountdillon
Driscoll, Austin Boora 1954
Duff, Bernard Mountdillon
Duff, Patrick Mountdillon
Duff, Peter Mountdillon
Duffy, Billy Blackwater
Duffy, Ger Boora
Duffy, James Clonsast
Duffy, Joe Boora
Duffy, Michael Boora
Duffy, Michael Derrygreenagh
Duffy, Patrick Clonsast
Duffy, Paul Boora
Duffy, Rory
Duffy, Timothy Mountdillon
Duffy, William Mountdillon
Duggan, Edmund Boora 1954
Duggan, Patrick Ballydermot
Duggan, T Timahoe 1950-1951
Duggan, Thomas Boora 1955
Duhig, Declan Boora 1957
Duignan, James Mountdillon
Duignan, John Mountdillon
Duignan, William Croghan
Duke, Andrew Mountdillon
Dully, Patrick Boora 1956
Dunbar, Robert Boora 1955
Dunican, Denis Boora 1954
Dunican, John Boora 1946
Dunican, Mosie Derrinlough
Dunican, Sean Boora
Dunican, Thomas Boora 1946
Dunne, Andrew Boora 1955
Dunne, Bernard Cuil na Mona
Dunne, Charles Clonsast
Dunne, Frank Boora
Dunne, Joe Boora
Dunne, John Boora 1954
Dunne, John Boora 1954
Dunne, Kevin Derrygreenagh
Dunne, Martin Blackwater
Dunne, Noel Boora
Dunne, Patrick Kilberry
Dunne, PV Boora
Dunne, Richard R Boora 1954
Dunne, Sean Boora
Dunne, Thomas Mountdillon
Dunne, Timothy Cuil na Mona
Dwyer, Sadie Littleton
Earley, Patrick Mountdillon
Edgeworth, Francis Mountdillon
Edgeworth, John Mountdillon
Edward, Laurence Boora 1955
Egan, Alan Derryfadda
Egan, Alfred Mountdillon
Egan, Anthony Boora 1954
Egan, Declan Boora
Egan, Joe Boora
Egan, John Mountdillon
Egan, John Boora 1946
Egan, John Boora 1946
Egan, John Boora
Egan, Kieran Boora
Egan, Kieran Boora 1946
Egan, Mary Mountdillon
Egan, Michael Mountdillon
Egan, Owen Blackwater
Egan, Padraic Blackwater
Egan, Peter Derryfadda
Egan, Seamus Boora
Egan, Seamus Kilberry
Egan, Sean Boora
Egan, Thomas Mountdillon
Egan, Thomas Mountdillon
Egan, Thomas Mountdillon
Egan, Thomas Leamonaghan
Egan, Tom Boora
Egan, Tony Boora
Eivers, Sean Mountdillon
Eivers, Thomas Mountdillon
Elliot, Mary Mountdillon
Elliot, Peter Mountdillon
Ellis, David Mountdillon
Ellis, John Mountdillon
Ely, Gerard Littleton
Ely, John Littleton
England, Patrick Mountdillon
Ennis, Claire AES Naas
Ennis, Peter Boora 1954
Enright, Deirdre Newbridge
Enright, Michael Mountdillon
Everard, Gerard Templetuohy
Eviston, Edward Boora 1954
Fagan, A Boora 1957
Fahy, Joe Boora
Fahy, Mike Derryfadda
Fallon, Anthony Mountdillon
Fallon, Bartley Mountdillon
Fallon, Bernard Mountdillon
Fallon, Cyril Mountdillon
Fallon, Francis Mountdillon
Fallon, Francis Mountdillon
Fallon, James Mountdillon
Fallon, James Mountdillon
Fallon, Patrick Mountdillon
Fallon, Patrick Mountdillon
Fallon, Valentine Mountdillon
Fallon, William Boora 1955
Fallon, William Mountdillon
Falvey, Michael Boora 1954
Fanning, James Littleton
Fanning, Thomas Littleton
Farmer, Liam Boora 1955
Farrell, Austin Mountdillon
Farrell, Daniel Mountdillon
Farrell, Daniel Mountdillon
Farrell, Dermot Croghan
Farrell, Ger Derrygreenagh
Farrell, James Mountdillon
Farrell, James Mountdillon
Farrell, James Mountdillon
Farrell, James Mountdillon
Farrell, Jeremiah Clonsast
Farrell, John Mountdillon
Farrell, John Mountdillon
Farrell, John Mountdillon
Farrell, John Mountdillon
Farrell, John Mountdillon
Farrell, John Mountdillon
Farrell, John Mountdillon
Farrell, John Blackwater
Farrell, John Patrick Mountdillon
Farrell, Johnny Boora
Farrell, Joseph Boora 1954
Farrell, Joseph Mountdillon
Farrell, Joseph Mountdillon
Farrell, Michael Boora 1955
Farrell, Michael Mountdillon
Farrell, Michael Boora 1954
Farrell, Patrick Mountdillon
Farrell, Patrick Mountdillon
Farrell, Patrick Mountdillon
Farrell, Patrick Mountdillon
Farrell, Patrick Mountdillon
Farrell, Patrick Mountdillon
Farrell, Patrick Mountdillon
Farrell, Patrick Boora 1955
Farrell, Patrick Croghan
Farrell, Peter Mountdillon
Farrell, Peter Mountdillon
Farrell, Simon Derrygreenagh
Farrell, Stephen Boora 1954
Farrell, William Mountdillon
Farrell, William Mountdillon
Farrell, William Mountdillon
Farrell, William Mountdillon
Farrelly, Bernard Mountdillon
Farrelly, Francis Mountdillon
Farrelly, Michael Mountdillon
Farrelly, Patrick Ballivor
Farrelly, Philip Mountdillon
Fay, J Timahoe 1950-1951
Fay, John Mountdillon
Feehan, Joe Boora 1946
Feeheny, John Mountdillon
Feeley, Andy Boora 1956
Feeney, Denis Boora 1955
Feeney, Francis Mountdillon
Feeney, Michael Mountdillon
Feeney, Michael Mountdillon
Feery, Pat Boora
Feery, Peter Mountdillon
Fegan, William Mountdillon
Feighery, John Boora 1955
Feighery, Tom Boora
Fergus, McArdle Newbridge
Fettke, Richard Mountdillon
Fields, James Timahoe
Finn, James Mountdillon
Finn, M Timahoe 1950-1951
Finnan, Anthony Mountdillon
Finnegan, Christopher Cuil na Mona
Finnegan, John Boora 1954
Finnegan, Patrick Ballydermot
Finnegan, Thomas Mountdillon
Finneran, Paddy Derrinlough
Finneran, Patrick Mountdillon
Finneran, William Derryfadda
Finsley, James Mountdillon
Finsley, John Mountdillon
Finsley, Joseph Mountdillon
Fitzgerald, Daniel Mountdillon
Fitzgerald, James Mountdillon
Fitzgerald, John Mountdillon
Fitzgerald, Joseph Boora 1954
Fitzgerald, Pat Newbridge
Fitzgerald, Thomas Boora 1954
Fitzpatrick, Dan Littleton
Fitzpatrick, Daniel Mountdillon
Fitzpatrick, Dave Blackwater
Fitzpatrick, John Boora 1954
Fitzpatrick, M Timahoe 1950-1951
Fitzpatrick, Patrick Boora 1954
Fitzsimons, Joseph Mountdillon
Flaherty, Edward Boora 1946
Flaherty, Jas Boora 1946
Flaherty, Joe Boora
Flaherty, Kieran Boora 1946
Flaherty, Martin Mountdillon
Flaherty, Tommy Boora
Flanagan, Denis Mountdillon
Flanagan, Denis Mountdillon
Flanagan, Eamonn Mountdillon
Flanagan, Frank Mountdillon
Flanagan, James Boora 1956
Flanagan, James Mountdillon
Flanagan, James Boora 1954
Flanagan, John Mountdillon
Flanagan, John Mountdillon
Flanagan, John Mountdillon
Flanagan, John Mountdillon
Flanagan, Patrick Mountdillon
Flanagan, Patrick Mountdillon
Flannery, Michael Derrinlough
Flannery, Padraig Blackwater
Flately, Joseph Boora 1954
Fleming, Eamon Boora
Fleming, John Boora 1955
Flemming, Patrick Mountdillon
Fletcher, Roy Boora
Flood, Anne Ballivor
Flood, Ben Boora 1954
Flood, John Boora 1955
Flynn, Charles Mountdillon
Flynn, Eugene Mountdillon
Flynn, J Timahoe 1950-1951
Flynn, James Boora 1955
Flynn, John Mountdillon
Flynn, John Boora
Flynn, Johnny Boora
Flynn, Michael Mountdillon
Flynn, Mick Boora
Flynn, Patrick Boora 1954
Flynn, Patrick Boora
Flynn, Tony Boora
Flynn, Yvonnne Boora
Fogarty, Sharon Newbridge
Foley, Michael Boora 1954
Foley, Nick Boora
Foley, Patrick Boora 1954
Foley, Thomas Kilberry
Foley, William Croghan
Foley, William Dublin
Fonge, Felix Boora 1954
Forde, Christopher Mountdillon
Forde, James Boora 1954
Forde, Michael Derrygreenagh
Forde, Patrick Boora 1954
Forde, William Mountdillon
Foster, Robert Boora 1946
Fox, Liam Boora
Fox, Michael Mountdillon
Fox, Sean Timahoe
Fox, Thomas Mountdillon
Fox, Tom Lullymore
Foy, Michael Mountdillon
Francis, R Timahoe 1950-1951
Franklin, Alphonsus Boora 1954
Frehan, Michael Mountdillon
Fulton, Joseph Timahoe
Gaffey, John Blackwater
Gaffney, Michael Mountdillon
Gaffney, Stephen Boora 1954
Gallagher, Charles Mountdillon
Gallagher, Francis Boora 1954
Gallagher, Joseph Glenties
Gallagher, Louis Mountdillon
Gallagher, Michael Mountdillon
Gallagher, Patrick Boora 1954
Gallagher, Patrick Mountdillon
Gallagher, Patrick Mountdillon
Gallagher, Patrick Mountdillon
Gallagher, Thomas Oweninny
Gallagher, William Boora 1954
Galligan, Thomas Boora 1954
Galvin, Michael Derrygreenagh
Ganley, John Mountdillon
Ganly, Daniel Mountdillon
Ganly, John Mountdillon
Ganly, Joseph Mountdillon
Ganly, Sean Boora
Ganly, Thomas Mountdillon
Gannon, John Mountdillon
Gannon, Joseph Mountdillon
Gantly, M Timahoe 1950-1951
Gardiner, Anthony Oweninny
Gargan, Seamus Ballivor
Garrett, Martin Newbridge
Garry, Joseph Mountdillon
Garvey, Bernard Mountdillon
Garvey, Seamus Mountdillon
Garvin, Jonathan Mountdillon
Garvin, Patrick Oweninny
Gath, Con Boora
Gaughan, Christopher Oweninny
Gaughan, Edward Oweninny
Gaughan, Thomas Oweninny
Gaughran, Joeseph Mountdillon
Gavin, Dermot Boora 1954
Gavin, Kevin Newbridge
Gavin, Marius Newbridge
Gayton, W Timahoe 1950-1951
Gearty, Michael Mountdillon
Geary, Colman Mountdillon
Geheran, Thomas Mountdillon
Geraghty, Anthony Blackwater
Geraghty, Peter Croghan
Geraghty, Sean Ballivor
Gerety, James Mountdillon
Gerety, Patrick Mountdillon
Gerety, Patrick Mountdillon
Gerety, Thomas Mountdillon
Gerety, Thomas Mountdillon
Gibbons, Desmond Mountdillon
Gibbons, Kevin Mountdillon
Gibbons, Noel Mountdillon
Gibbons, Thomas Boora 1954
Gilchrist, Anthony Mountdillon
Gill, Bernard Mountdillon
Gill, John Mountdillon
Gillen, James Mountdillon
Gillen, Noel Mountdillon
Gillespie, J Timahoe 1950-1951
Gilligan, Brian Boora
Gilligan, John Boora
Gilmore, John Mountdillon
Gilroy, James Boora 1955
Giltrap, William Mountdillon
Ging, Peter Mountdillon
Ginty, Annette Newbridge
Ginty, Anthony Oweninny
Ginty, John Mountdillon
Glamny, E Boora 1957
Glancy, Francis Mountdillon
Gleeson, Anthony Littleton
Glennan, John Boora 1954
Glennon, Brendan Derrygreenagh
Glennon, Francis Derrygreenagh
Glennon, Micheal Derrygreenagh
Gloster, Michael Boora 1946
Glynn, Michael Boora 1954
Goggin, Yvette Newbridge
Goldsbury, Edward Mountdillon
Goldsbury, John Mountdillon
Goode, Patrick Blackwater
Goodwin, Patrick Boora 1954
Gordan, M Timahoe 1950-1951
Gorey, Michael Ballydermot
Gorey, Sean Lullymore
Gorman, Aileen Newbridge
Gorman, J Timahoe 1950-1951
Gorman, James Derrygreenagh
Gorman, Jim Derrinlough
Gorman, Kenneth Boora
Gorman, Michael Boora 1954
Gorman, Patrick Timahoe
Gorman, Richard Mountdillon
Gorman, Seamus Boora
Gormley, John Boora 1954
Gormley, Martin Mountdillon
Gormley, Patrick Boora 1955
Gormley, Thomas Mountdillon
Gorry, Peter Ballydermot
Gosling, Laurence Boora 1956
Gould, Denis Boora 1954
Grabowski, Tomasz AES Rosslare
Grace, Sean Timahoe
Grady, Andy Blackwater
Graham, Mathew Mountdillon
Grainger, James Boora 1954
Grant, Patrick Boora 1955
Gray, John Mountdillon
Gray, Philip Kilberry
Greally, Patrick Mountdillon
Greanery, John Mountdillon
Greaney, Thomas Mountdillon
Greavey, Christy Mountdillon
Greene, Frank Boora 1956
Greene, John Mountdillon
Greene, Kevin Mountdillon
Greene, Matthew Boora
Greene, Michael Boora
Greene, Patrick Mountdillon
Greene, Paul Newbridge
Greene, Thomas Boora 1955
Grehan, James Mountdillon
Grehan, Mick Blackwater
Grennan, Michael Mountdillon
Greville, Matthew Ballivor
Grey, Philip Boora 1954
Griffin, Frank Boora 1955
Griffin, Gerald Mountdillon
Griffin, Martin Boora 1954
Griffin, Patrick Boora 1955
Griffin, Peter Boora 1954
Griffiths, V Boora 1957
Groome, Ciaran Edenderry
Groome, James Derrygreenagh
Grufferty, Desmond Drehid
Guckian, Patrick Boora 1957
Guckian, William Mountdillon
Guinan, James Boora
Guinan, John Boora 1946
Guinan, Michael Boora 1954
Guinan, Michael Boora
Guinan, P Boora 1957
Guinan, Partrick Boora
Guinan, Patsy Boora
Guinan, Peter Boora
Guinan, Peter Boora
Guinan, Seamus Boora
Guinan, Thomas Boora 1946
Guing, Joseph Ballydermot
Gunning, Eugene Boora
Gunning, Kathleen Derrygreenagh
Gunning, Patrick Derrygreenagh
Haberlin, James Boora 1954
Hagan, John Mountdillon
Hagan, John Mountdillon
Hall, James Mountdillon
Halligan, James Boora
Halligan, James Blackwater
Halligan, Orlagh Newbridge
Halloran, Patrick Boora 1955
Hally, Edward Boora 1955
Ham, Daniel Mountdillon
Ham, Kevin Mountdillon
Ham, Vincent Mountdillon
Hamilton, Patrick Derrinlough
Hammsworth, Brett Newbridge
Hanley, Michael Boora 1954
Hanley, Michael Mountdillon
Hanley, Michael Croghan
Hanley, Peter Derrygreenagh
Hanley, Sean Mountdillon
Hanlon, Gerard Edenderry
Hanlon, Michael Mountdillon
Hanlon, Michael Clonsast
Hanlon, Thomas Boora 1956
Hanlon, Thomas Mountdillon
Hanlon, Thomas Derrygreenagh
Hanniffy, Kieran Derrinlough
Hanniffy, Sean Blackwater
Hannify, Richard Mountdillon
Hannon, John Boora 1946
Hannon, Mick Derrygreenagh
Hannon, Thomas Boora 1954
Hanrahan, Patrick Mountdillon
Hanrahan, Thomas Boora 1956
Hardiman, Shane Boora
Harkin, Patrick Boora 1955
Harney, Martin Blackwater
Harpur, John Boora 1955
Harrington, Jim Boora 1955
Harrington, Michael Mountdillon
Harrison, John Kilberry
Harrisson, Danny Clonsast
Harte, John Mountdillon
Harte, John Boora 1955
Harte, Kevin Boora
Hartigan, Dave Boora 1954
Harvey, Patrick Mountdillon
Harvey, Patrick Mountdillon
Haslam, Robert Kilberry
Hassett, James G Boora 1954
Hassett, Philip Boora 1954
Hayden, Enda Mountdillon
Hayden, John Mountdillon
Hayden, Patrick Mountdillon
Hayden, Thomas Mountdillon
Hayes, Eamon Ballydermot
Hayes, James Boora 1955
Hayes, Michael Boora 1954
Hayes, Michael (Jnr) Boora 1954
Hayes, Patrick Boora 1955
Hayes, Patrick Boora 1954
Hayes, Thomas Boora 1954
Healion, William Boora
Healy, Daniel Boora 1954
Healy, James Mountdillon
Healy, John Mountdillon
Healy, John J Boora 1954
Healy, Joseph Blackwater
Healy, Kevin Boora
Healy, Lisa Boora
Healy, Patrick Boora 1954
Healy, Paul Templetuohy
Healy, Paul Littleton
Healy, Peter Mountdillon
Heasley, Laura Newbridge
Heavy, Patrick Mountdillon
Heavy, Thomas Mountdillon
Heeney, James Derrygreenagh
Heffernan, Christopher Boora 1946
Heffernan, E Timahoe 1950-1951
Heffernan, James Mountdillon
Heffernan, Jos Boora 1946
Heffernan, Mary A Timahoe 1950-1951
Heffernan, R Timahoe 1950-1951
Hegarty, Dermot Mountdillon
Hegarty, John Oweninny
Hegarty, Michael Mountdillon
Hegarty, Patrick Mountdillon
Hegarty, Patrick V Boora 1955
Hegarty, Peter Oweninny
Hennessy, Patrick Mountdillon
Hennessy, Thomas Ballydermot
Hennessy, William Mountdillon
Henry, James Boora 1954
Henson, Keith Boora
Henson, Kevin Boora
Herbert, C Timahoe 1950-1951
Herlihy, William Boora 1955
Herriott, David Boora 1954
Heslar, John Mountdillon
Heslin, Kevin Mountdillon
Hewitt, Vincent Mountdillon
Hickey, James Littleton
Hickey, John Mountdillon
Hickey, John Boora 1946
Hickey, William Kilberry
Higgins, James Mountdillon
Higgins, John Mountdillon
Higgins, Kieran Blackwater
Higgins, Matthew Mountdillon
Higgins, Michael Cuil na Mona
Higgins, Patrick Boora 1955
Higgins, Terence Boora 1955
Hill, Francis Mountdillon
Hilliard, Bernard Mountdillon
Hoare, James Mountdillon
Hoare, Patrick Mountdillon
Hoare, Terence Boora 1954
Hoban, John Boora 1956
Hoey, Christopher Mountdillon
Hogan, Brendan Boora
Hogan, Frank Boora 1957
Hogan, Mick Boora
Hogan, Patrick Boora 1954
Holmes, Willie Boora
Holohan, Andrew Boora 1954
Homan, James Mountdillon
Hopkins, Owen Boora 1954
Hopkins, Pc Oweninny
Horan, Kevin Derrinlough
Horan, Martin Mountdillon
Horan, Sean Boora
Horan(Jnr), James Boora 1955
Horson, Michael Mountdillon
Hourihan, John Boora 1954
Hourihan, Michael Boora 1954
Howard, Michael Boora 1954
Howell, Brendan Newbridge
Hudson, James Boora 1954
Hughes, Andrew Boora 1956
Hughes, Brendan Mountdillon
Hughes, Christopher Mountdillon
Hughes, Denis Mountdillon
Hughes, J Boora 1956
Hughes, John Boora 1955
Hughes, Kevin Boora 1954
Hughes, Patrick Newbridge
Hughes, Patrick Derrygreenagh
Hughes, Patsy Boora
Hughes, Robert Boora 1954
Hughes, Stephen Mountdillon
Hunt, Liam Blackwater
Hurley, Patrick Timahoe
Hyland, Christopher Mountdillon
Hyland, John Boora
Hynes, Aidan Boora
Hynes, Colman Newbridge
Hynes, Mairead Newbridge
Hynes, Michael Boora 1956
Hynes, Sean Blackwater
Hynes, Shane Blackwater
Hynes, Stevie Derrygreenagh
Jackson, Henry Boora 1954
Jackson, John Mountdillon
Jankauskas, Arvydas AES Navan
Jennings, Bernard Boora
Johnson, Gerry Boora
Johnson, Peter
Jones, Christopher Mountdillon
Jones, Michael Boora 1954
Jordan, James Mountdillon
Jordan, John Mountdillon
Jordan, Michael Oweninny
Judge, Brendan Boora 1954
Judge, Brendan Mountdillon
Judge, Declan Derrygreenagh
Judge, Thomas Mountdillon
Kaidlon, Ignatuis Boora 1954
Kane, James Mountdillon
Kane, John Croghan
Kane, Pat Derrygreenagh
Kane, S Timahoe 1950-1951
Kane, Thomas Boora 1954
Kavanagh, John Boora 1954
Kavanagh, John Boora
Kavanagh, John Lullymore
Kavanagh, Michael Boora
Kavanagh, Mick Boora
Kavanagh, Mick Boora
Kavanagh, Roisin Newbridge
Kavanagh, Seamus Boora 1955
Keane, Francis Mountdillon
Keane, Hugh Mountdillon
Keane, James Blackwater
Keane, John Boora 1955
Keane, Patrick Mountdillon
Keane, Thomas Mountdillon
Keane, William Mountdillon
Kearney, Michael Mountdillon
Kearney, Patrick Mountdillon
Kearney, Sheila Newbridge
Keating, Denis Boora 1955
Keating, Thomas Boora 1954
Keavney, Patrick Mountdillon
Kedian, Michael Mountdillon
Kedian, Thomas Mountdillon
Keegan, Bernard Mountdillon
Keegan, J Timahoe 1950-1951
Keegan, James Mountdillon
Keegan, Joe Derrygreenagh
Keegan, Julie Newbridge
Keegan, Kevin Clonsast
Keegan, Laurence Boora 1957
Keegan, Laurence Boora 1954
Keegan, Michael Mountdillon
Keegan, Michael Mountdillon
Keegan, Pat Derrygreenagh
Keegan, Pat Derrygreenagh
Keegan, Patrick Boora
Keegan, Patrick Mountdillon
Keely, Paul Boora 1955
Keena, Frank Boora
Keena, Ger Boora
Keenaghan, Paddy Boora
Keenan, Edward Mountdillon
Keenan, Francis Mountdillon
Keenan, Gerry Mountdillon
Keenan, James Mountdillon
Keenan, John Mountdillon
Keenan, Leo Mountdillon
Keenan, Michael Mountdillon
Keenan, Patrick Mountdillon
Kehoe, Aidan Mountdillon
Kehoe, Christopher Clonsast
Kellaghan, Peter Boora 1955
Kellane, Patrick Mountdillon
Kelleher, Patrick Mountdillon
Kelleher, Stephen Newbridge
Kelly, Aloysius Ballydermot
Kelly, Andrew Croghan
Kelly, Bernard Mountdillon
Kelly, Donal Derryfadda
Kelly, Edward Mountdillon
Kelly, Edward Mountdillon
Kelly, Fintan Boora
Kelly, Francis Boora
Kelly, G Timahoe 1950-1951
Kelly, Gerry Derryfadda
Kelly, Hubert Mountdillon
Kelly, James Mountdillon
Kelly, Jas Boora 1946
Kelly, John Mountdillon
Kelly, John Boora
Kelly, John Mountdillon
Kelly, John Mountdillon
Kelly, John Dublin
Kelly, John Dublin
Kelly, John Joseph Attymon
Kelly, Joseph Mountdillon
Kelly, Joseph Mountdillon
Kelly, Jp Boora
Kelly, Liam Cuil na Mona
Kelly, Liam Mountdillon
Kelly, Luke Mountdillon
Kelly, Martin Boora
Kelly, Martin J Boora 1955
Kelly, Michael Mountdillon
Kelly, Michael Mountdillon
Kelly, Michael Mountdillon
Kelly, Michael Mountdillon
Kelly, Michael Littleton
Kelly, Oliver Mountdillon
Kelly, Padraig Mountdillon
Kelly, Patrick Mountdillon
Kelly, Patrick J Derrygreenagh
Kelly, Peter Boora
Kelly, Peter Boora
Kelly, Peter Derrygreenagh
Kelly, Seamus Blackwater
Kelly, Sean Boora
Kelly, Sean Mountdillon
Kelly, Thomas Mountdillon
Kelly, Thomas Mountdillon
Kelly, Thomas Mountdillon
Kelly, Thomas J Boora 1954
Kelly, Tom Boora
Kelly, William Mountdillon
Kelly, William Mountdillon
Kelly, William Derrygreenagh
Kenna, Jimmy Boora
Kenna, John Boora 1955
Kenna, Noel Boora
Kenna, Peter Boora
Kennedy, Brian Mountdillon
Kennedy, James Mountdillon
Kennedy, John Derrinlough
Kennedy, Michael Mountdillon
Kennedy, Michael Cuil na Mona
Kennedy, Ollie Edenderry
Kennedy, Patrick Boora 1954
Kennedy, Patrick Bond Rd
Kennedy, Thomas Mountdillon
Kennedy, Tim Boora 1955
Kennelly, Gus Boora 1956
Kennelly, Patrick Mountdillon
Kennelly, Patrick J Boora 1956
Kenny, Daniel Newbridge
Kenny, Darren Blackwater
Kenny, Ger Derrygreenagh
Kenny, Gerard Boora
Kenny, J Boora 1957
Kenny, Jim Boora
Kenny, John Mountdillon
Kenny, John Mountdillon
Kenny, John Joe Boora
Kenny, Kieran Blackwater
Kenny, Michael Derrinlough
Kenny, Mick Derrinlough
Kenny, Patrick Mountdillon
Kenny, Patrick J Blackwater
Kenny, Philip Boora
Kenny, Richard Mountdillon
Kenny, Stephen Blackwater
Kenny, Thomas Derrygreenagh
Kenny, William Boora 1955
Keogh, John Boora 1954
Keogh, John Newbridge
Keogh, Michael Ballivor
Keogh, Patrick Boora 1955
Keogh, Patrick Boora 1954
Kerrigan, Anthony Mountdillon
Kerrigan, Michael Mountdillon
Kerrigan, Peter Mountdillon
Keyes, Joseph Edenderry
Kidney, Jas Boora 1946
Kidney, Jimmy Boora
Kielty, Joseph Mountdillon
Kiernan, Bernard Mountdillon
Kiernan, Joeseph Mountdillon
Kiernan, John Mountdillon
Kiernan, John Mountdillon
Kiernan, Joseph Mountdillon
Kiernan, Michael Mountdillon
Kiernan, Michael Mountdillon
Kiernan, William Boora 1956
Kiernan, William Mountdillon
Kiernan, William Ballydermot
Kilcline, Patrick Mountdillon
Kilcommons, Paddy Blackwater
Kilcommons, Patrick Mountdillon
Kilcoyne, Patrick Mountdillon
Kilcrann, James Mountdillon
Kililea, Laurence Mountdillon
Kililea, Mathew Mountdillon
Kilkenny, James Mountdillon
Kilkenny, John Blackwater
Killane, James Boora
Killeen, Liam Dublin
Killeen, William Dublin
Killian, Brendan Blackwater
Killian, Declan Boora
Killian, Eddie Boora
Killian, Mick Boora
Killian, Patrick Blackwater
Killian, Patrick Joseph Mountdillon
Killian, Thomas Mountdillon
Kilmartin, Vincent Boora
Kilmartin, William Mountdillon
Kilmurray, Noel Derrygreenagh
King, Christopher Boora 1955
King, James Mountdillon
Kingston, Joseph Boora 1956
Kinsella, Laurence Boora 1954
Kinsella, Stephen Timahoe
Kinsella, T Timahoe 1950-1951
Kinsella, William Boora 1957
Kirrane, Sean Boora 1954
Kirwan, Jerry Mountdillon
Kirwan, Leo Boora
Kirwan, Michael Mountdillon
Lally, Lar Boora
Lally, Peter Mountdillon
Lalor, James Mountdillon
Lalor, John Cuil na Mona
Lambe, Mick Boora
Lambe, Pat Boora
Lambert, James Mountdillon
Landy, P Timahoe 1950-1951
Lane, Patrick Mountdillon
Lang, Samuel Boora 1954
Langton, Pat Littleton
Lannon, Anthony Mountdillon
Lantry, Joseph Blackwater
Larkin, J Timahoe 1950-1951
Lavin, Jerome Mountdillon
Lawler, Laurence Boora 1955
Lawler, Louise Newbridge
Lawless, Daniel Boora 1954
Lawless, Michael Blackwater
Lawlor, Denis Kilberry
Lawlor, James Littleton
Lawlor, Michael Boora 1954
Lawton, J Timahoe 1950-1951
Leahy, Darragh Boora
Leahy, Michael Boora 1955
Leahy, Mick Boora
Leary, Joe Blackwater
Leavy, Christopher
Leavy, Liam Boora
Leavy, Patrick Mountdillon
Lee, Joseph Boora 1954
Leitch, Robert Mountdillon
Lenihan, Michael Boora
Lennon, Bernard Mountdillon
Lennon, Brendan Mountdillon
Lennon, Edward Boora 1955
Lennon, Francis Boora 1955
Lennon, James Mountdillon
Lennon, James Mountdillon
Lennon, John Mountdillon
Lennon, Lehone Boora 1955
Lennon, Michael Mountdillon
Leo, Martin Cork Oil Depot & HQ
Leogue, Tracy Derrygreenagh
Leonard, Brian Boora
Leonard, Christopher Mountdillon
Leonard, John Mountdillon
Leonard, John Boora 1955
Leonard, Michael Mountdillon
Leonard, Patrick Mountdillon
Leonard, Sean Oweninny
Lindsay, Patrick Mountdillon
Linehan, John Mountdillon
Linnane, Eamonn Mountdillon
Linnane, James Mountdillon
Linnane, Patrick Mountdillon
Loakman, Esther Newbridge
Loftus, Anthony Mountdillon
Loftus, Peter Mountdillon
Logue, Bartley Mountdillon
Lohan, Andrew Mountdillon
Lohan, Bernard Mountdillon
Lombard, Sarah Newbridge
Looby, James Leamonaghan
Looby, Val Boora
Loonam, Frank Boora 1946
Loonam, John Boora
Loonam, John Boora 1946
Loonam, Joseph Boora 1946
Loonam, Matthew Boora 1946
Loughlin, Gerard Derrygreenagh
Loughman, Liam Ballydermot
Loughnane, John Templetuohy
Lucas, Brendan Boora 1955
Lucas, Tom Blackwater
Lunney, Thomas Mountdillon
Luttrell, Sean Kilberry
Lydon, Joseph Dublin
Lynam, Cyril Mountdillon
Lynam, David Derrygreenagh
Lynam, Edward Boora
Lynam, John Mountdillon
Lynam, Michael Boora 1946
Lynam, Patrick Derrygreenagh
Lynam, Thomas Croghan
Lynch, Anthony Boora 1954
Lynch, Brendan Edenderry
Lynch, Christopher Mountdillon
Lynch, Daniel Blackwater
Lynch, Denis Boora 1954
Lynch, Donal Boora 1954
Lynch, Frank Mountdillon
Lynch, Hugh Mountdillon
Lynch, J Timahoe 1950-1951
Lynch, John Boora 1955
Lynch, Joseph Boora 1954
Lynch, Michael Boora 1946
Lynch, Michael Mountdillon
Lynch, Patrick Mountdillon
Lynch, Patsy Boora
Lynch, Shane AES Portlaoise
Lynch, Terrence Boora 1954
Lynch, Thomas Boora 1954
Lynch, William Boora 1954
Lynn, Bernard Mountdillon
Lynott, Brendan Oweninny
Lynskey, James Mountdillon
Lynskey, Thomas Mountdillon
Lyons, Martin Blackwater
Lyons, Thomas Mountdillon
Mack, Travis Newbridge
Mackey, Thomas Boora 1957
Madden, Liam Boora
Madden, Michael Boora 1954
Madden, Michael Mountdillon
Madden, Patrick Boora 1954
Madden, Sally Mountdillon
Madigan, Daniel Boora 1954
Magan, Charles Mountdillon
Magan, Martin Mountdillon
Magan, Thomas Mountdillon
Maguire, Grainne Newbridge
Maguire, John Mountdillon
MaGuire, Patrick Mountdillon
Maguire, Peter Boora 1955
Maguire, Thomas Littleton
Maher, Denis Littleton
Maher, James Derrinlough
Maher, Martin Littleton
Maher, Patrick Boora
Mahlke, K Boora 1957
Mahon, Christy Boora
Mahon, Edward Boora 1957
Mahon, Frank Boora 1957
Mahon, Joe Derrinlough
Mahon, John Mountdillon
Mahon, Mary Boora 1955
Mahon, Michael Boora
Mahon, Patrick Mountdillon
Mahoney, Patrick Mountdillon
Malley, Martin Mountdillon
Malley, Patrick Mountdillon
Malone, Anthony Mountdillon
Malone, Francis Mountdillon
Malone, James Mountdillon
Malone, Joseph Mountdillon
Malone, Michael Boora 1954
Malone, Tom Boora
Malone, Tony Boora
Maloney, Tim Boora 1959
Mangan, Humphrey Boora 1946
Mangan, John Derrygreenagh
Mann, William Derrygreenagh
Mannion, Kieran Blackwater
Mannion, Martin Boora 1955
Mannion, Martin Mountdillon
Mannion, Sean Boora 1956
Mannion, T Timahoe 1950-1951
Manor, John Boora 1954
Mark, Nugent Derrygreenagh
Marlow, James Mountdillon
Marlow, John Mountdillon
Marlow, Michael Mountdillon
Marrey, John J Boora 1956
Marrey, Noel Boora 1956
Marrinan, Ml J Boora 1954
Martin, Christopher Boora 1954
Martin, John H Boora 1956
Martin, Ned Boora
Martin, Val Dublin
Martin, Valentine Mountdillon
Martin, Valentine Mountdillon
Mason, Christopher Boora 1954
Masterson, Edward Mountdillon
Masterson, Mel Mountdillon
Masterson, Richard Mountdillon
Matthews, David Dublin
Matthews, Joseph Boora 1954
Maxwell, Cyril Boora 1954
Maye, Anthony Oweninny
Mayo, John Boora 1954
McAlister, Seamus Mountdillon
McAlister, Seamus Mountdillon
McAllen, John Boora 1954
McAllen, John Boora 1954
McAllister, Patrick Mountdillon
Mcandrew, John Oweninny
McAnea, Patrick Mountdillon
McArdle, Thomas Mountdillon
McAteer, Brian Mountdillon
McAviney, Francis Mountdillon
McBreen, John Boora 1954
McCabe, Michael Boora 1955
McCabe, Patrick Boora 1946
McCabe, Thomas Mountdillon
McCann, Bernard Boora 1954
McCann, George Mountdillon
McCann, James Mountdillon
McCann, James Mountdillon
McCann, Michael Mountdillon
McCann, Noel Boora
Mccann, Noel Boora
Mccann, Paul Derrygreenagh
McCann, Sean Boora
McCarthy, Charles Boora 1957
McCarthy, Denis Boora 1956
Mccarthy, George Littleton
McCarthy, James Boora 1954
Mccarthy, Justin Derrygreenagh
McCarthy, Patrick Mountdillon
McCarthy, Timothy Mountdillon
Mccarthy, William Newbridge
McCartor, John Boora 1955
Mccaul, Mary Newbridge
McCaul, Michael Mountdillon
McCloat, Anthony Mountdillon
McCormack, Albert Boora 1954
McCormack, Bernard Mountdillon
McCormack, Brendan Boora 1954
Mccormack, Desmond Derrygreenagh
Mccormack, James Mountdillon
McCormack, John Mountdillon
McCormack, John Francis Boora 1955
McCormack, Patrick Mountdillon
McCormack, Peter Mountdillon
McCormack, Richard Boora 1954
McCormack, Thomas Mountdillon
McCormick, Fintan Boora 1955
McCoy, Michael Boora 1955
McCudden, James Mountdillon
McCullagh, Alexander Boora 1957
McCurtain, Sean Boora 1954
McDermott, Brendan Boora 1955
Mcdermott, Brendan Blackwater
Mcdermott, Des Mountdillon
McDermott, John Boora 1955
McDermott, John Boora 1955
Mcdermott, John Newbridge
McDermott, John F Boora 1954
McDermott, Michael Mountdillon
McDermott, Patrick Boora 1955
McDermott, Patrick Boora 1954
McDermott, Thomas Mountdillon
Mcdermott, Trevor Derrinlough
McDonagh, Coleman Mountdillon
Mcdonagh, Enda Boora
McDonagh, Gerald Mountdillon
McDonagh, John Mountdillon
McDonagh, Michael Mountdillon
McDonagh, Michael Mountdillon
McDonagh, Stephen Mountdillon
McDonald, Brian Mountdillon
McDonald, Michael Boora 1955
McDonald, Peter Boora
McDonald, Vincent Boora 1955
McDonnell, Bernard Mountdillon
Mcdonnell, Declan Newbridge
Mcdonnell, Gilbert Croghan
McDonnell, John Mountdillon
McDonnell, Thomas Boora 1954
McDonnell, Vincent Boora 1954
Mcdyer, Patrick Glenties
McEntyre, John Mountdillon
Mcevoy, Eamon Dublin
Mcevoy, Michael Blackwater
Mcevoy, Patrick Derrygreenagh
McEvoy, Seamus Boora 1954
Mcevoy, William Mountdillon
McGann, Daniel Boora 1954
McGann, James Mountdillon
McGann, John Mountdillon
McGann, Michael Mountdillon
McGann, Patrick Mountdillon
McGarry, John Mountdillon
McGarry, Michael Mountdillon
McGarry, Stephen Boora 1955
McGee, John Mountdillon
McGee, John Boora 1954
McGee, Vincent Boora 1954
McGillicuddy, Michael Boora 1956
McGinn, John Mountdillon
McGlynn, James Mountdillon
McGoire, James Mountdillon
McGorlick, Gerard Boora 1955
McGovern, Gerald Boora 1955
McGovern, James Mountdillon
McGovern, John Mountdillon
McGovern, John Boora
McGovern, John Boora
McGovern, P Timahoe 1950-1951
McGovern, Patrick Mountdillon
McGovern, Peter Boora 1954
McGowan, Peter Mountdillon
McGowan, Terence Boora 1956
McGranaghan, James Mountdillon
McGrath, Andrew Mountdillon
Mcgrath, Daniel Ballivor
McGrath, James Boora 1954
McGrath, John Mountdillon
McGrath, John Boora 1954
Mcgrath, John Blackwater
McGrath, Martin Mountdillon
McGrath, Mary Timahoe 1950-1951
McGrath, Michael Boora 1955
McGrath, Michael Boora 1954
McGrath, Seamus Mountdillon
McGrath, Thomas Boora 1955
McGrath, Thomas Mountdillon
McGrath, Thomas Mountdillon
McGreevy, Leo Mountdillon
Mcgregor, William Oweninny
McGuigan, James Mountdillon
Mcguinness, Donal Boora
Mcguinness, Jim Derrygreenagh
Mcguinness, Jim Newbridge
McGuinness, John Boora 1954
Mcguinness, Patrick Derrygreenagh
McGuire, Eugene Mountdillon
McGuire, Francis Mountdillon
McGuire, J Boora 1959
McGuire, John Mountdillon
McGuire, Patrick Mountdillon
Mcguire, Patrick Mountdillon
McGuire, Thomas Mountdillon
McGuirk, John Mountdillon
McGuirk, Patrick Boora 1954
McGurran, Francis Boora 1955
Mchale, Frank Oweninny
McHugh, John Mountdillon
McHugh, John Mountdillon
Mchugh, Liam Mountdillon
McIntyre, Bernard Boora 1954
McIntyre, Mick Boora
McIntyre, Noel Boora
McIntyre, Peter Mountdillon
McIntyre, PJ Boora
McIntyre, Thomas Boora
McIntyre, Thomas Boora 1946
Mckenna, Barney Mountdillon
Mckenna, Gavin Kilberry
Mckenna, Mary Newbridge
Mckenna, Tony Newbridge
McKenzie, Alaster Boora 1954
Mckeon, John Mountdillon
Mckeon, Michael Mountdillon
Mckeon, Seamus Mountdillon
Mckiernan, John Boora
McKinney, Michael Mountdillon
Mclachlan, Mark Edenderry
McLoughlin, Francis Mountdillon
Mcloughlin, James Oweninny
McLoughlin, Thomas Mountdillon
McLoughlin, William Boora 1954
McMackin, William Boora 1955
McMahon, John Boora 1954
McMahon, Michael Boora 1954
McMahon, Michael Boora 1954
McMahon, Tim Boora 1946
Mcmanus, Brendan Blackwater
McManus, James Mountdillon
McManus, Michael Mountdillon
McManus, Thomas Mountdillon
Mcmorrow, Jason Sligo
Mcmorrow, Kevin Sligo
McNaboe, William Mountdillon
McNally, James Mountdillon
McNally, M Timahoe 1950-1951
McNally, Thomas Mountdillon
Mcnamara, Donal Ballivor
McNamara, Frank Boora 1954
McNamara, John Boora 1955
Mcnamara, John Derrygreenagh
McNamara, Patrick Mountdillon
Mcnamara, Patrick J Oweninny
McNamee, Brendan Boora 1955
McNamee, Oliver Mountdillon
McNamee, Patrick Mountdillon
McNiff, John Boora
McPartland, Peter Mountdillon
McPhilips, Andrew Mountdillon
McStravick, John Boora 1955
McSweeney, John Boora 1959
McTaggart, P Timahoe 1950-1951
McWeeney, Kevin Mountdillon
McWeeney, Thomas Mountdillon
Meehan, Anthony Mountdillon
Meehan, John Boora 1954
Meehan, Terry Boora 1955
Meenan, Katherine Newbridge
Meleady, Seamus Boora
Melia, Mick Boora
Meligan, W Timahoe 1950-1951
Merrins, James Boora 1955
Middleton, James Boora 1954
Miland, Patrick Boora 1954
Miley, John Mountdillon
Mills, Liam Blackwater
Mills, Michael Kilberry
Minnagh, Peter Mountdillon
Minnagh, Winston Mountdillon
Minnock, Brendan Boora
Mitchell, Billy Boora
Mitchell, Laurence Mountdillon
Mitchell, Neil Derrinlough
Mitchell, Noel Mountdillon
Molloy, Charles Mountdillon
Molloy, John Boora
Molloy, John Boora 1946
Molloy, Liam Derrinlough
Molloy, Roderick Boora
Molloy, Stephen Oweninny
Molloy, Thomas Boora 1946
Molloy, Thomas Boora 1946
Molloy, Thomas Boora 1946
Molloy, Tommy Boora
Moloney, Richard Mountdillon
Monagan, James Mountdillon
Monaghan, Anthony Boora 1946
Monaghan, Brendan Boora 1955
Monaghan, Dunican Boora
Monaghan, Edward Boora
Monaghan, James Mountdillon
Monaghan, John Boora
Monaghan, Michael Mountdillon
Monaghan, Patrick Boora
Monaghan, Thomas Boora 1946
Mooney, Dennis Boora 1956
Mooney, Eamon Boora
Mooney, Kevin Boora
Mooney, Laurence Mountdillon
Mooney, Michael Derrygreenagh
Moore, John Cuil na Mona
Moore, Kiernan Mountdillon
Moore, M Timahoe 1950-1951
Moore, Myles Boora 1954
Moore, P Timahoe 1950-1951
Moore, Pat Boora
Moore, Patrick Clonsast
Moore, Roddy Boora
Moore, Rody Boora
Moore, Seanie Littleton
Moore, William Mountdillon
Moran, James Kilberry
Moran, John Mountdillon
Moran, John Edenderry
Moran, John T Boora 1954
Moran, Thomas Mountdillon
Moran, Thomas Mountdillon
Moroney, Denis Mountdillon
Moroney, Michael Mountdillon
Morphan, Eugene Mountdillon
Morrisey, Frank Boora 1954
Mortimer, Marcella Edenderry
Moss, Gerard Boora 1957
Moylan, Barney Derrinlough
Moylan, Sean Blackwater
Moyles, Anthony Oweninny
Moyles, Brendan Oweninny
Moyles, John Oweninny
Moynihan, James Boora 1954
Moynihan, John Boora 1954
Moynihan, Michael Boora 1946
Mulcahy, Daniel Mountdillon
Mulcahy, Patrick Mountdillon
Mulcain, Luke Boora 1954
Muldoon, John Mountdillon
Mulhall, Matthew Boora 1954
Mulhall, Mick Derrygreenagh
Mulhall, Robert Boora 1954
Mulhern, Bridie Mountdillon
Mulhern, James Mountdillon
Mulhern, Martin Mountdillon
Mulhern, Michael Mountdillon
Mullally, Robert Boora 1954
Mullaney, Denis Mountdillon
Mullaniff, Shay Edenderry
Mullarkey, John Tom Oweninny
Mullen, Anthony Boora 1955
Mullen, Anthony Mountdillon
Mullen, Billy Derryfadda
Mulleney, Joseph Mountdillon
Mullery, Joseph Boora 1954
Mullooly, Patrick Mountdillon
Multany, James Boora
Mulvany, Michael Boora 1954
Mulvihill, Brendan Mountdillon
Mulvihill, Patrick Mountdillon
Mulvihill, Rose Mountdillon
Munily, Patrick J Boora 1954
Murphy, Anthony Mountdillon
Murphy, Anthony Mountdillon
Murphy, Anthony Mountdillon
Murphy, Arthur Boora 1954
Murphy, Charles Boora 1955
Murphy, Denis Mountdillon
Murphy, Dermot Boora 1959
Murphy, Eamon Oweninny
Murphy, Hugh Mountdillon
Murphy, James Mountdillon
Murphy, James Mountdillon
Murphy, James Mountdillon
Murphy, Jeff Boora
Murphy, Jeremiah Foynes
Murphy, Joe Boora
Murphy, John Mountdillon
Murphy, John Boora 1946
Murphy, John Boora 1954
Murphy, John Mountdillon
Murphy, John Mountdillon
Murphy, Jude Mountdillon
Murphy, Maurice Mountdillon
Murphy, Michael Boora 1954
Murphy, Michael Mountdillon
Murphy, Michael Clonsast
Murphy, Michael Clonsast
Murphy, Patrick Boora
Murphy, PJ Boora
Murphy, Seamus Kilberry
Murphy, Sean Derrinlough
Murphy, Teresa Newbridge
Murphy, Thomas Boora 1954
Murphy, Thomas Boora 1946
Murphy, William Mountdillon
Murray, Bernard Mountdillon
Murray, Bridget Mountdillon
Murray, Danny Mountdillon
Murray, David Boora 1946
Murray, Donald Mountdillon
Murray, Edward Boora 1955
Murray, Edward Boora 1946
Murray, Eugene Derrinlough
Murray, Ger Boora
Murray, Ger Boora
Murray, Graham Mountdillon
Murray, James Mountdillon
Murray, James Mountdillon
Murray, James Mountdillon
Murray, James Mountdillon
Murray, James Mountdillon
Murray, James Boora
Murray, Jim Boora
Murray, John Mountdillon
Murray, John Mountdillon
Murray, Liam Boora 1956
Murray, Martin Boora
Murray, Michael Mountdillon
Murray, Michael Mountdillon
Murray, Noel Mountdillon
Murray, Padraig Mountdillon
Murray, Patrick Boora
Murray, Patrick Mountdillon
Murray, Patrick Ballydermot
Murray, Patrick Mountdillon
Murray, Peter Mountdillon
Murray, Thomas Boora 1946
Murray, Thomas Mountdillon
Murray, Thomas Mountdillon
Murray, Thomas Mountdillon
Murray, Thomas Boora 1946
Murray, William Mountdillon
Murray, William Mountdillon
Murtagh, Pat Mountdillon
Murtagh, Pete Mountdillon
Murtagh, Thomas Timahoe
Nally, Pat Blackwater
Nally, Thomas Lullymore
Naughton, Gus Boora 1957
Naughton, Michael Mountdillon
Neary, James Mountdillon
Neary, John Mountdillon
Neary, John Boora
Neary, Michael Mountdillon
Neary, Patk Boora 1946
Neary, Patrick Mountdillon
Neary, Patrick Mountdillon
Neary, Pj Mountdillon
Neary, Robert Mountdillon
Needham, Michael Oweninny
Needham, Thomas AES Nenagh
Nelson, Eamonn Mountdillon
Nelson, Malachy Mountdillon
Nelson, Matthew Boora 1954
Nerney, Bernard Mountdillon
Nerney, James Mountdillon
Nerney, Patrick Mountdillon
Nestor, Michael Derrygreenagh
Nestor, Peter Blackwater
Nestor, Willie Blackwater
Neville, Michael Mountdillon
Neville, Noel Mountdillon
Nevin, Denis Littleton
Nevin, Patrick Blackwater
Newman, Peter Mountdillon
Nolan, Christy Derrygreenagh
Nolan, Eddie Boora
Nolan, Edward Boora
Nolan, Francis Boora 1955
Nolan, Ger Boora
Nolan, John Kilberry
Nolan, John Carrigcannon
Nolan, Joseph Mountdillon
Nolan, Michael Boora 1956
Nolan, Michael Mountdillon
Nolan, Peter Boora
Nolan, Sean Boora
Noonan, Joseph Boora 1954
Noone, James Mountdillon
Norman, Freddie Dundalk
Norris, John Boora 1954
Norton, Aiden Derrinlough
Norton, Pat Boora
Norton, Patrick Boora
Nugent, Bertie Mountdillon
Nugent, Frank Boora
Nugent, Frank Boora
Nugent, James Patrick Mountdillon
Nugent, Michael Mountdillon
Nugent, Ronald Boora 1955
O'Boyle, Don Boora
O'Boyle, James Boora 1954
O'Boyle, James Glenties
O'Boyle, John Mountdillon
O'Boyle, R Boora 1957
O'Brennan, Colm Boora 1957
O'Brien, Daniel Mountdillon
O'Brien, Eithne Dublin
O'Brien, Geremiah Mountdillon
O'Brien, James Boora 1957
O'Brien, John Boora 1954
O'Brien, John Boora
O'Brien, John Boora 1954
O'Brien, John Boora 1954
O'Brien, John Templetuohy
O'Brien, Michael Boora
O'Brien, Michael V Boora 1954
O'Brien, Sean Ballivor
O'Brien, Terrence Boora 1956
O'Brien, Timothy Boora 1955
O'Brien, Timothy Mountdillon
O'Bryan, Kathleen Newbridge
O'Carroll, Aileen Dublin
O'Connor, Bernard Mountdillon
O'Connor, Denis Boora 1954
O'Connor, Denis Mountdillon
O'Connor, Denis Boora 1954
O'Connor, Eamon Boora 1955
O'Connor, Eamonn Mountdillon
O'Connor, J Timahoe 1950-1951
O'Connor, James Boora 1959
O'Connor, Jas Boora 1946
O'Connor, Jo Boora 1954
O'Connor, John Mountdillon
O'Connor, John Boora 1954
O'Connor, John Blackwater
O'Connor, Martin Mountdillon
O'Connor, Michael Mountdillon
O'Connor, Pat Blackwater
O'Connor, Patrick AES Portlaoise
O'Connor, Peter Boora
O'Connor, Thomas Mountdillon
O'Connor, Timothy Mountdillon
O'Connor, Timothy Cork Oil Depot & HQ
O'Connor, William Boora 1955
O'Dea, John Boora 1954
O'Dea, Michael Boora 1954
O'Doherty, David Boora 1956
O'Doherty, Patricia AES Navan
O'Donnell, Chris Boora 1954
O'Donnell, James Mountdillon
O'Donnell, James Newbridge
O'Donnell, John Clonsast
O'Donnell, John Mountdillon
O'Donnell, Neil Newbridge
O'Donnell, Owen Mountdillon
O'Donnell, Park Boora 1946
O'Donnell, Patrick Boora 1954
O'Donnell, Timothy Mountdillon
O'Donnough, M Timahoe 1950-1951
O'Donoghue, John Boora 1955
O'Donoghue, Patrick Mountdillon
O'Donoghue, Thomas Boora 1954
O'Donoughue, James Mountdillon
O'Donughue, Thomas Mountdillon
O'Dowd, John J Boora 1954
O'Dowd, Kieran Boora 1955
O'Dowd, Kieran Mountdillon
O'Driscoll, David Boora 1954
O'Dwyer, James Newbridge
O'Gara, Farrell Mountdillon
O'Gogain, Colm Newbridge
O'Gorman, Leo Littleton
O'Gorman, Pascal Mountdillon
O'Gorman, Seamus Oweninny
O'Grady, Anthony Kilberry
O'Halloran, Patrick Boora 1955
O'Halloran, Patrick Mountdillon
O'Hara, Bernard Mountdillon
O'Hara, Patrick Mountdillon
O'Hora, Aidan Boora
O'Keefe, James Mountdillon
O'Kelly, Walter Dublin
O'Leary, Charles Mountdillon
O'Leary, Dan Boora 1956
O'Leary, James Mountdillon
O'Leary, John Mountdillon
O'Leary, Joseph Mountdillon
O'Leary, Michael Mountdillon
O'Leary, Patrick Mountdillon
O'Loughlin, Patrick Boora 1954
O'Mahony, Daniel Boora 1954
O'Mahony, Dennis Boora 1956
O'Mahony, Jas Boora 1957
O'Malley, Eamon Boora 1957
O'Malley, Eamonn Mountdillon
O'Malley, Thomas Boora 1955
O'Malley, W Timahoe 1950-1951
O'Meara, Benny Boora
O'Meara, Donie Boora
O'Meara, Jim Boora
O'Meara, Michael Boora 1955
O'Neill, Andy Boora 1954
O'Neill, Brendan Boora 1956
O'Neill, Denis Mountdillon
O'Neill, Edward Boora 1957
O'Neill, Francis Mountdillon
O'Neill, Gerald Mountdillon
O'Neill, Geremiah Mountdillon
O'Neill, John Mountdillon
O'Neill, John P Boora 1954
O'Neill, Joseph Boora 1955
O'Neill, Kevin Blackwater
O'Neill, Liz Newbridge
O'Neill, MF Boora 1955
O'Neill, Michael Mountdillon
O'Neill, Thomas Mountdillon
O'Regan, Michael Mountdillon
O'Reilly, Christopher Mountdillon
O'Reilly, Jj Mountdillon
O'Reilly, Michael Mountdillon
O'Reilly, Myles Wm Boora 1955
O'Reilly, Valentine Mountdillon
O'Reilly, William Mountdillon
O'Reilly, William Mountdillon
O'Riordan, Desmond Boora 1956
O'Rourke, Anthony Boora 1954
O'Rourke, Bernard Boora 1954
O'Rourke, Charles Boora 1957
O'Rourke, James Mountdillon
O'Rourke, John Boora 1955
O'Rourke, Joseph Mountdillon
O'Rourke, Kevin Boora
O'Rourke, Peter Boora 1954
O'Shea, Helen Newbridge
O'Shea, James Boora 1955
O'Shea, John Boora 1954
O'Shea, John Boora 1954
O'Shea, William Mountdillon
O'Sullivan, John Mountdillon
O'Sullivan, John Boora 1954
O'Sullivan, John Derrygreenagh
O'Sullivan, Martin Boora 1954
O'Sullivan, P Boora 1955
O'Sullivan, Sean Oweninny
O'Sullivan, Sean Newbridge
O'Sullivan, Sean Cork Oil Depot & HQ 1984
O'Tailli¢ir, Padraig Boora 1955
O'Toole, Christy Boora 1956
O'Toole, Cormac Derrygreenagh
O'Toole, WD Boora 1954
Oates, William Mountdillon
Olwell, Joseph Boora 1955
Olwill, J Timahoe 1950-1951
Onglehurst, P Boora 1957
Organ, Bryan Birmingham UK
Orohoe, Patrick Mountdillon
Orohoe, Thomas Mountdillon
Ottley, George Ballydermot
Paddy, Fox Mountdillon
Padian, John Mountdillon
Padian, Luke Mountdillon
Padian, Michael Mountdillon
Padion, John Mountdillon
Padion, John Mountdillon
Pardy, William Boora 1955
Parker, John Mountdillon
Parkinon, Michael Mountdillon
Parkinson, Edward Boora
Paton, Patrick Mountdillon
Patridge, Joseph Mountdillon
Patridge, Kevin Mountdillon
Patterson, Thomas Littleton
Peavoy, Jas Boora 1946
Pender, Patrick Boora 1955
Pender, Patrick Derrygreenagh
Pennefather, Dorothy Dublin
Percy, Henry Templetuohy
Perse, Aidan Kilberry
Perse, Alan Kilberry
Perse, Michael Kilberry
Peters, Anthony Mountdillon
Petrufova, Andrea Newbridge
Phelan, Gerard Cuil na Mona
Phelan, John Mountdillon
Philips, Thomas Mountdillon
Phillips, Ian Newbridge
Pichard, Alan Boora 1955
Plunkett, Brendan Dublin
Pollard, Adrian Lullymore
Porter, Daniel Boora
Porter, Donie Boora
Power, Aidan Boora 1955
Power, Gerard AES Rosslare
Power, Laurence Littleton
Power, Pierce Croghan
Power, Samuel Mountdillon
Prender, Patrick Mountdillon
Prendergast, Edward Boora 1957
Prendergast, Noel Newbridge
Prendergast, Shane Derrygreenagh
Prendergast, Thomas Boora 1954
Prendergast, Thomas Mountdillon
Price, Thomas
Prunty, Bernard Boora 1955
Puree, Vincent Boora 1956
Quigley, Bernie Boora
Quigley, Joseph Boora 1954
Quigley, Patrick Mountdillon
Quinan, James Boora 1954
Quinlan, Michael Mountdillon
Quinlish, William Boora 1955
Quinlivan, Aidan Newbridge
Quinlivan, John Boora 1954
Quinn, James Mountdillon
Quinn, James Mountdillon
Quinn, John Mountdillon
Quinn, John Boora 1957
Quinn, John Mountdillon
Quinn, Matthew Boora 1954
Quinn, Michael Mountdillon
Quinn, Michael Boora 1955
Quinn, Michael Mountdillon
Quinn, Michael Timahoe
Quinn, Patrick Mountdillon
Quinn, Patrick Mountdillon
Quinn, Peter Newbridge
Quinn, Thomas Boora 1954
Quinton, Tom Blackwater
Quirke, James Boora 1954
Quirke, James Boora 1954
Rafter, Sylvester Littleton
Raftery, Patrick Mountdillon
Ralph, Patrick Mountdillon
Reamsbottom, Nigel Boora
Reamsbottom, Patsy Boora
Reddin, John Boora
Regan, John Boora 1954
Regan, Matthew Boora 1954
Regan, Thomas Mountdillon
Regan, Thomas Mountdillon
Reidy, H Timahoe 1950-1951
Reidy, Rose Timahoe 1950-1951
Reilly, Declan Derrygreenagh
Reilly, Jeremiah Boora 1954
Reilly, John Mountdillon
Reilly, John Mountdillon
Reilly, John Newbridge
Reilly, Michael Boora 1955
Reilly, Michael Mountdillon
Reilly, Michael Mountdillon
Reilly, Michael Derrygreenagh
Reilly, Patrick Mountdillon
Reilly, Patrick Mountdillon
Reilly, Patrick Mountdillon
Reilly, Patrick Timahoe
Reilly, Peter Boora 1954
Reilly, Peter Mountdillon
Reilly, Stephen Mountdillon
Renehan, Laurence Boora 1955
Reville, Mathew Mountdillon
Rex, Michael A Boora 1954
Reynolds, Edward Mountdillon
Reynolds, Edward Mountdillon
Reynolds, Francis Boora 1954
Reynolds, Jas Boora 1954
Reynolds, John Mountdillon
Reynolds, John Mountdillon
Reynolds, Patrick Boora 1954
Reynolds, Thomas Mountdillon
Reynolds, Thomas Mountdillon
Riggs, Patrick Boora 1954
Rigney, John Derrinlough
Rigney, Kieran Blackwater
Rigney, Kieran Boora
Rigney, Larry Boora
Rigney, Michael Boora
Rigney, Mick Boora
Rigney, Paddy Boora
Rigney, Pat Boora
Rigney, Patrick Derrinlough
Rigney, Seamus Boora
Rigney, Tom Boora
Ring, Pat Newbridge
Riordan, Paul Boora
Riozzi, Roberto Mountdillon
Riozzi, Thomas A Mountdillon
Robbins, Celine Boora
Robinson, John Boora 1954
Robinson, William Boora 1955
Robinson, William Mountdillon
Roche, Rita Newbridge
Rock, John Mountdillon
Rock, Thomas Mountdillon
Rock, Thomas Mountdillon
Rock, William Mountdillon
Rocke, Michael Mountdillon
Roddy, Bernard Mountdillon
Roders, Donal Mountdillon
Rodgers, Liam Mountdillon
Rodgers, Michael Mountdillon
Rogan, Michael Mountdillon
Rogan, Thomas Oweninny
Rogers, Bernard Boora 1955
Rogers, Bernard Mountdillon
Rogers, Thomas Mountdillon
Rohan, John Blackwater
Rohan, Kieran Boora
Rohan, Thomas Cuil na Mona
Rooney, Jonathon Sligo
Rooney, Patrick Mountdillon
Rooney, Thomas Mountdillon
Rosney, Ambrose Boora
Rosney, Denis Boora
Rosney, Denis Boora
Rosney, Eamon Boora
Rosney, Edward Boora 1946
Rosney, Frank Boora
Rosney, Jack Boora
Rosney, James Boora
Rosney, Kieran Boora
Rosney, Kiernan Boora
Rosney, Kiernan Boora 1946
Rosney, Lar Boora
Rosney, Martin Boora 1946
Rosney, Michael Boora
Rothwell, Michael Boora 1955
Rourke, Brian Mountdillon
Rourke, John Mountdillon
Rourke, Rory AES Navan
Rourke, Seamus Boora
Rowayne, Edward Boora 1955
Rowland, Paddy Newbridge
Roycroft, Thomas Boora 1954
Ruady, Andrew Boora 1954
Ruane, P Timahoe 1950-1951
Ruddy, Michael Oweninny
Russell, Thomas Derrygreenagh
Ruttledge, Brendan Lullymore
Ryan, Christopher Mountdillon
Ryan, Edward Boora 1954
Ryan, Gerry Newbridge
Ryan, John Mountdillon
Ryan, John Boora 1954
Ryan, John Boora 1954
Ryan, John Boora 1955
Ryan, John Mountdillon
Ryan, John Mountdillon
Ryan, John Littleton
Ryan, John C Boora 1955
Ryan, John M Boora 1954
Ryan, Michael Boora 1955
Ryan, Michael Mountdillon
Ryan, Mick Boora
Ryan, Noel Mountdillon
Ryan, Noel Boora 1954
Ryan, Paddy Boora
Ryan, Patrick Boora 1954
Ryan, Patrick Boora
Ryan, Paudge Boora
Ryan, Peter Boora 1954
Ryan, Stephen Boora
Ryan, Thomas Boora 1957
Ryan, Thomas Boora 1954
Ryan, Thomas Boora 1955
Ryan, Thomas Derrinlough
Ryan, Tim Boora 1955
Ryan, Tim Boora
Ryan, Timothy Mountdillon
Ryan, William Mountdillon
Saddler, Mick Boora
Sadler, Mick Boora
Sage, Anthony Mountdillon
Sammon, Gerry Derrinlough
Sammon, James Mountdillon
Sammon, John Mountdillon
Sammon, Johnny Boora
Scally, Fergal Derrygreenagh
Scally, James Coolnagun
Scally, Shane Boora
Scanlon, Edward Mountdillon
Scanlon, James Mountdillon
Scanlon, P Timahoe 1950-1951
Scanlon, Thomas Boora 1955
Scanlon, Timothy Boora 1954
Scanlon, Timothy Mountdillon
Scannell, Rachel Cork Oil Depot & HQ
Screeney, James Boora
Screeney, Jimmy Boora
Screeney, Paddy Boora
Scully, Pat Boora
Scully, T Timahoe 1950-1951
Seally, Tom Boora 1954
Season, W Boora 1955
Seery, Joe Boora
Seery, John Boora
Seery, John Boora
Seery, Joseph Boora
Sereton Doran, Thomas Boora 1954
Shanahan, Liam Boora
Shanley, John Boora 1946
Shanly, Patrick Boora 1954
Sharkey, James Mountdillon
Sharkey, Michael Mountdillon
Sharkey, Patrick Mountdillon
Sharkey, William Mountdillon
Shaughnessy, Michael Boora 1954
Shaughnessy, Patk Boora 1946
Sheedy, Patrick Boora 1955
Sheedy, Patrick Mountdillon
Sheehan, Joseph Boora 1955
Sheehan, P Timahoe 1950-1951
Sheeran, Edward Mountdillon
Sheeran, John Boora 1954
Sheeran, Peter Mountdillon
Sheerin, John Derrygreenagh
Sheerin, William Clonsast
Sheil, Joseph Derrinlough
Sheils, Patrick Mountdillon
Sheridan, Eamon Mountdillon
Sheridan, Edward Mountdillon
Sheridan, Felix Boora 1956
Sheridan, Gerald Derrinlough
Sheridan, Patrick Timahoe
Sheridan, Patrick Blackwater
Shiel, Patrick Boora
Shier, Charles Derrygreenagh
Skelly, Denis Mountdillon
Skelly, Gerald Mountdillon
Skelly, James Mountdillon
Skelly, Michael Mountdillon
Slatery, James Boora 1954
Slattery, Kevin Clonsast
Slattery, Martin Boora 1955
Slattery, Michael Cuil na Mona
Slattery, William Littleton
Slevin, Francis Mountdillon
Slevin, M Timahoe 1950-1951
Smith, James Mountdillon
Smith, John Mountdillon
Smith, John Boora 1954
Smith, John Mountdillon
Smith, John Derrinlough
Smith, Laurence Mountdillon
Smith, Patrick Mountdillon
Smith, Patrick Mountdillon
Smith, William Mountdillon
Smullen, George Ballydermot
Smyth, Bernie Newbridge
Smyth, James Mountdillon
Smyth, John Mountdillon
Smyth, John Mountdillon
Smyth, Joseph Croghan
Smyth, Laurence Boora 1954
Smyth, Patrick Mountdillon
Smyth, Patrick Mountdillon
Smyth, Tony Newbridge
Somerville, Samuel Boora 1954
Spain, Edward Derrinlough
Spain, Helen Newbridge
Spain, Tom Boora
Spencer, John Mountdillon
Spillane, James Mountdillon
Spillane, James Boora 1954
Spollen, Bertie Mountdillon
Spollen, Johnny Boora
Stafford, James Boora 1954
Stanley, Edward Mountdillon
Stapleton, Sylvester Littleton
Stapleton, Thomas Mountdillon
Stapleton, William Mountdillon
Steele, William Boora 1954
Stephenson, James Mountdillon
Steward, Richard Boora 1954
Stock, Jim Boora 1956
Stockwell, Jim Newbridge
Stokes, Con Boora
Stokes, Martin Mountdillon
Stones, Tommy Boora
Storey, Thomas Cuil na Mona
Suffin, Patrick Mountdillon
Sullivan, Colmane Mountdillon
Sullivan, John Boora 1954
Sullivan, Michael Mountdillon
Supple, James Boora 1954
Swan, William Blackwater
Swarbrick, Matthew Boora 1954
Sweeney, Francis Mountdillon
Sweeney, James Mountdillon
Sweeney, James Mountdillon
Sweeney, James Oweninny
Sweeney, Michael Derryfadda
Sweeney, Peter Boora 1954
Sweeney, Robert Boora 1955
Talbot, Matt Boora
Talbot, Matthew Boora
Talbot, Patrick Boora 1954
Talbot, Rose Boora
Tallott, Chris Oweninny
Talt, Joseph Kilberry
Tarmey, Patrick Mountdillon
Taylor, Jim Derrygreenagh
Teehan, David Littleton
Teehan, Sean Littleton
Teehan, William Blackwater
Thompson, Joseph Boora 1955
Thompson, Joseph Mountdillon
Thompson, Padraig Mountdillon
Thompson, William Boora 1954
Tierney, John Boora 1955
Tierney, John Boora 1946
Tierney, John Derrinlough
Tierney, Joseph Boora 1946
Tierney, Michael Boora 1954
Tierney, Michael Mountdillon
Tierney, Pat Boora
Tierney, Patk Boora 1946
Tierney, Teresa Boora 1955
Tighe, Austin Boora 1955
Timoney, Sean Oweninny
Timpson, Thomas Boora 1957
Tipper, Donal Dublin
Tobin, William Boora 1957
Tomelty, James Mountdillon
Toner, Frank Dublin
Tooher, Patrick Boora
Tooher, Vincent Boora
Toole, Miss M Boora 1956
Toran, Michael Boora 1946
Tormey, Martin Mountdillon
Tracey, Sean Boora 1955
Tracey, William Boora 1955
Treacy, Eamonn Newbridge
Treacy, James Mountdillon
Treacy, John Mountdillon
Treacy, Thomas Blackwater
Treanor, Michael Mountdillon
Trimble, Henry Mountdillon
Troy, Daniel Boora 1955
Troy, George Boora
Troy, John Boora 1946
Troy, Michael Boora 1946
Troy, Mick Boora
Troy, Paul Derrinlough
Tully, Michael Mountdillon
Tully, Patrick Boora 1955
Tully, William Mountdillon
Tumulty, Patrick Mountdillon
Tuohy, Patrick Mountdillon
Turley, Thomas Blackwater
Tynan, Edward Mountdillon
Tynan, John Mountdillon
Tynan, Robert Boora 1954
Verdon, Anthony Derryfadda
Verdon, John Derryfadda
Verdon, William Boora 1955
Vesey, James Mountdillon
Victory, Kevin Mountdillon
Vjatseslav, Morozov AES Nenagh
Wakely, J Timahoe 1950-1951
Walker, Peter Boora 1955
Wall, Michael Mountdillon
Wall, Michael Dublin
Wallace, Padraig Mountdillon
Wallace, Patrick Mountdillon
Wallace, Peter Mountdillon
Walsh, Brendan Boora
Walsh, Claire Newbridge
Walsh, Colm Boora
Walsh, Donald Lullymore
Walsh, Francis Derrygreenagh
Walsh, Jas Boora 1946
Walsh, John Mountdillon
Walsh, Katriona Newbridge
Walsh, Martin Boora 1955
Walsh, Michael Mountdillon
Walsh, Michael Mountdillon
Walsh, Mick Boora
Walsh, Patk Boora 1946
Walsh, Patrick Mountdillon
Walsh, Patrick Mountdillon
Walsh, Peter Cuil na Mona
Walsh, Robert Mountdillon
Walsh, Thomas Mountdillon
Walshe, Mark Derrygreenagh
Walshe, Robert Derrygreenagh
Walter, Ryan Mountdillon
Ward, Andrew Mountdillon
Ward, Anthony Boora 1954
Ward, E Boora 1956
Ward, Edward Boora 1955
Ward, Edward Mountdillon
Ward, James Mountdillon
Ward, James Mountdillon
Ward, James Mountdillon
Ward, James Kilberry
Ward, John Mountdillon
Ward, Michael Mountdillon
Ward, Thomas Mountdillon
Ward, Thomas Mountdillon
Ward, William Mountdillon
Warne, Leonard R Boora 1954
Waters, Michael Mountdillon
Watkins, Pat Boora
Watkins, Patrick Boora
Watts, Arthur Mountdillon
Watts, Desmond Mountdillon
Wellis, James Boora 1956
Wells, William H Boora 1954
Westman, Thomas Clonsast
Whaley, Edward Boora 1954
Whelan, Kevin Boora
Whelan, Martin Boora 1954
Whelan, Michael Mountdillon
Whelan, Michael Dublin
Whelan, Patrick Clonsast
Whelan, Patrick Cuil na Mona
Whelan, Peter Mountdillon
Whelan, Sean Blackwater
Whelan, Thomas Boora 1954
Whittle, Sean Boora 1954
Whitton, Michael Mountdillon
Wilcock, Thomas Boora 1954
Williamson, Rebecca Edenderry
Winterson, Owen Boora 1954
Woods, Win Boora 1955
Wrafter, Cornelius Mountdillon
Wrafter, John Mountdillon
Wrafter, Patrick Mountdillon
Wrafter, Patrick Mountdillon
Wren, Anthony Mountdillon
Wright, John Boora
Wyer, Michael Derrygreenagh
Wynne, James Boora 1946
Wynne, Jim Boora
Wynne, John Boora 1946
Wynne, Michael Boora 1946
Wynne, Pat Joe Boora
Wynne, Patrick Boora 1946
Wynne, Patrick Boora 1954
Wynne, Patsy Boora
Wyse, Patrick Mountdillon
Yates, William Boora 1946
Yeates, Paddy Boora
Young, Joe Boora
Young, Joseph Boora
Young, Liam Cuil na Mona
Young, Timothy Boora 1954

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