Windrowing Attachment (Sod Peat)

Windrowing Attachment (Sod Peat)

Windrower Attachment – Sod Peat – Type 9 Metre Vee – Dozer
/Windrower Attachment – Sod Peat – Type 9 Metre Vee – Dozer

Type 9 Metre Vee-Dozer - for use with Bord na Móna Tractor

The purpose of this attachment is to plough hand footed or mechanically windrowed peat into final rows spaced at 9 metres suitable for automatic harvesting into the rick.

The attachment is a large “V” plough, the apex leading in front of the tractor unit while the plough shares run back outside the tracks of the tractor unit. It is constructed in standard steel sections. The plough shares are made up of a series of square hollow section steel with a 2" (50.8 mm.) gap between them. The wings or shares are hinged to allow them to swing in towards the tractor for prolonged idle travel and transport.

The attachment when working is supported by one roller at the front and by two small rollers on each side at the rear of the wings. For idle travel the attachment is lifted on hydraulics clear of the ground.

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