Turning Machine-Sod Peat

Turning Machine-Sod Peat

Turning Machine - Sod Peat- Type Single


The purpose of this machine is to pick up windrows of sod peat, screen out loose mould and replace the windrow either on the same foundation or on top of the adjacent windrows to either side of the machine.

The machine consists of a pick up elevator carried in front of a tractor unit, between the tracks, a return conveyor between the tracks which is easily swung out of position to allow fitting a cross conveyor which extends over the tracks of the tractor unit.

The tractor unit is the same as for the 3 metre windrowing machine in essential points except it has narrower tracks.

The pick up elevator consists of a set of steel fingers oscillating slightly on a shaft. These fingers get the sods of f the bog surface and operating behind them there are two sets of sliding grid bars, one set rising on the elevating stroke, as the other set recedes on the return stroke. The turf is discharged from these grids onto a chain/bar elevator which discharges either to the return conveyor between the tracks or to the reversible cross conveyor.

The cross conveyor is mounted on rollers so that it can be moved manually, to transport the windrow from its original position, 1½ metres or 3 metres to either side to discharge on top of windrows already in these positions. As the turf condition improves, six initial windrows are collected into one for final harvesting. The machine can handle a doubled windrow.

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