Tractor - General Purpose

Tractor - General Purpose

Tractor - General purpose - Type Bord na Móna

Type – County Commercial

This tractor is of standard manufacture, primarily designed for heavy agricultural and light earth moving duties.

It is used as a general purpose tractor, bulldozing and towing etc. on production bogs where its higher bearing pressure is accepted.

The tractor incorporates the same power/transmission unit as used in the Bord na Móna, Type Tractor, the half shafts driving the track sprockets directly. The track frames are constructed in fabricated steel and are fitted with track rollers mounted on a dead spindle with frictionless bearings and patented pressure seals. The track chain is made up of cast steel side links, pins and bushes on which is bolted steel (grouser plates) sleepers. The driving sprockets are cast steel, toothed with solid cast centre while the idler sprockets are spoked cast steel with plain rim. The track frames are fixed to the transmission half-shaft housings at the rear while they support the engine unit on a spring beam between the two tracks at the front.


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