Sod Peat Loading Machine

Sod Peat Loading Machine

Sod Peat Loading Machine – Type I – Electric

Type I – Electric

The purpose of the machine is to load sod peat from bog ricks into railway wagons on either side of the rick.

Basically the machine consists of a sturdy main frame supported on caterpillar type tracks, carrying a scraper elevator between the tracks in front and a high level horizontal rubber/canvas belt conveyor which is reversible and moveable to project from either side of the machine.

The machine is powered by an electric motor. The tracks are power driven and the machine is steered by coil clutch and brake arrangements. Various speeds are available by changing chain sprockets.

The scraper elevator is pivoted at the top, while the position of its lower end is controlled by winch, rope and pulley system. The machine is driven into the end of the rick at a speed suitable for size of the rick. The peat is elevated on the scrapers and discharged onto the transverse belt conveyor and into the wagons drawn up alongside the machine.

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