Sod Peat Excavator (Lilliput)

Sod Peat Excavator (Lilliput)

Sod Peat Excavator – Lilliput Type – Heinen

The purpose of the machine (Lilliput type – Heinen) is to excavate turf, macerate and spread it on the uncut surface of the bog for the production of sod peat.

The machine is used in the initial working of bogs to expedite drainage and prepare face banks for the larger machines. It is also used as a permanent production unit on the smaller bogs where the larger machine would be uneconomical.

The machine consists of a lightly constructed main frame, supported on two caterpillar type power driven tracks; a light multi-bucket trailing type digger boom supported and pivoted at the top end, on the casing of the screw conveyor which projects from the main machine; a macerator unit, which is actually a continuation of the screw conveyor, is single screw type with rotating chopper knives working between fixed knives; a light box section spreader arm supported on one caterpillar type track and braced to the machine with wire ropes.

The depth of cut is controlled by power driven winch rope on which the lower end of the digger boom is suspended.

The outlet of the macerator has a single orifice spout extruding the turf onto the spreader plate chain.

Cutting discs are trailed behind the spreader to mark the extrusion into sod lengths as it lies on the spread ground.

The machine is powered by a diesel engine, and is steered by coil clutch and brakes on the track drive. The spreader track is power driven by wire pull rope and ratchet arrangement with speed adjustment.


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