Sod Peat Cutaway Bagger/Excavator –Type I

Sod Peat Cutaway Bagger/Excavator –Type I

Sod Peat Cutaway Bagger/Excavator –Type I

This machine, designed to work on the cutaway level of the bog, is supported on generous caterpillar type tracks. The trailing type bucket boom at one side of the machine is carried by the screw conveyor casing which is cantilevered from the main machine at a high level, and projects into the boom structure. The boom pivots about this support point. The trailing bottom of the boom is lifted and lowered hydraulically to vary the depth of cut. The boom cuts a face bank at 80 0 to the horizontal.

The turf is carried up and over the top of the boom and discharged through a bar screen into the screw conveyor. The screw conveyor passes the turf onto a scraper conveyor and in turn into a hopper over the macerator. The macerator extrudes the turf through a twin orifice nozzle onto the plate chain of the spreader unit. The extrusions are extended 54 metres on the plate chain when they are discharged to the spreadground. Trailing discs mark the extrusion into sod lengths.

The boom, screw conveyor, scraper conveyor, macerator and spreader plate chain are all driven from one electric motor fitted with a hydraulic coupling and star-delta control gear. The hydraulic coupling obviates the necessity for friction clutches on the various trans¬missions for starting.

The main machine tracks and spreader tracks are powered by variable speed electric motors, remotely controlled from the cab.

The spreader track drive is transmitted from the variable speed electric motor through a reduction gearbox, wire rope drive to a two speed gearbox located between each pair of spreader tracks. This drive gives very smooth forward travel.

The machine is fitted with lights for night work and equipped with a short wave radio transmitting / receiving set.

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