Sod Peat Bagger/Excavator (Type V)

Sod Peat Bagger/Excavator (Type V)

Sod Peat Bagger/Excavator– Type No.5
/Sod Peat Bagger/Excavator– Type No.5b

Type - No.5

The purpose of the (type - No.5) machine is to excavate, macerate and spread turf for the production of sod peat.

The machine consists of a main frame supported on power driven caterpillar type tracks, carrying a digger boom, screw conveyor, belt conveyor, premixing screw conveyor, twin screw macerator and spreader unit.

The digger boom is carried on the side of the machine on a pivot cradle and cuts a face bank of 60 0 to the horizontal. It can be raised and lowered by power winch to suit varying depths of cut and for idle travel can be pivoted back over the main machine. The turf is cut and lifted by the buckets and discharged, as they turn over the boom top, into a screw conveyor, and in turn onto a rubber canvas conveyor belt, premixer screw conveyor and the twin screw macerator unit. The macerator extrudes the turf through a twin orifice spout onto the spreader plate chain which carries it out and discharges it in 54 metre lengths on the spread ground. Steel discs trailed behind the spreader cut the extrusion into sod lengths.

The machine is powered by electricity, illuminated for night work and is equipped with a short wave radio transmitting/receiving set for communication with workshops and other similarly equipped machines

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