Sod Peat Bagger/Excavator (Type J.W. Lilliput)

Sod Peat Bagger/Excavator (Type J.W. Lilliput)

Sod Peat Bagger/Excavator (Type J.W. Lilliput)

The purpose of this machine is to excavate, macerate and spread turf on the high bog for the production of sod peat.

The machine has a main frame, supported on power driven caterpillar tracks and steering is effected by coil clutch and brake arrangement.

A multi-bucket digger boom at one side of the machine is inclined at 45 0 when in the working position, the forward side of the buckets cutting as the machine advances. The buckets discharge the turf by the rear, as they pass over the top sprockets, into a combined screw conveyor and macerator unit, which extrudes it through a single orifice nozzle onto the spreader plate chain.

The spreader arm carrying the plate chain extends out over the spread ground and is supported by wire ropes suspended from an overhung mast from the machine. As the extrusion of turf is carried away from the macerator nozzle on the plate chain, a power driven device marks it into sod lengths. The marked extrusion is discharged onto the spread ground by a timed trip rail, in 22 metre lengths.

For idle travel, the boom supported on the machine by a frame, pin jointed on the top shaft centre and on the main frame of the machine, can be retracted over the machine by hydraulics and winch rope.

The machine is powered by a diesel engine.



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