Sod Peat Bagger/Excavator (Mitre Boom Type)

Sod Peat Bagger/Excavator (Mitre Boom Type)

Sod Peat Bagger/Excavator – Mitre Boom Type

The purpose of this machine is to excavate turf, macerate and spread it for the production of sod peat.

The machine works on the high bog, cutting a bank at 45 0 to the horizontal, while the bottom of the cut is horizontal.

The machine consists of a sturdy main frame built on two caterpillar type tracks, carrying a multi-bucket excavator boom, a scraper conveyor, a screw conveyor, macerator and spreader unit.

The tracks of the main machine are power driven, some machines are equipped with mechanical variable speed drives from electric motors, while others have variable speed electric motor drives.

The boom is of special design in respect of the bucket motions relative to the boom chains, and the mounting of the drive and idler sprockets, to achieve the 45 0 parallelogram section of cut. The motor driving the boom is carried within its framework and is coupled by universal shaft to a worm reduction gearbox at the top of the boom.

The sequence of operation is the same as for the Type 6 Excavator.

The machine is fitted with lights for night working, and is equipped with short wave radio transmitting/ receiving set.


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