Sod Peat Bagger/Excavator (Hi-low Type)

Sod Peat Bagger/Excavator (Hi-low Type)

Sod Peat Bagger/Excavator (Hi-low Type)

The purpose of this machine is to excavate turf, macerate and spread it on the cutaway surface of the bog. This is necessary as the high spread ground area diminishes to the point where it will not take a full spread.

The machine was built mainly from existing equipment.

The main machine of a type 6 or mitre boom excavator with digger boom, screw conveyor and conveyor belt only, is used on the high bog. The remaining equipment, namely, premixer screw conveyor, macerator and spreader unit together with driving motors, was transferred to a suitably tracked main frame which is positioned in the cutaway adjacent to the uncut bank.

A belt conveyor of light lattice construction frame¬work connects the two machines.

The high level machine operates as described for the type 5 excavator but discharges the turf from the conveyor belt onto the interconnecting conveyor belt which in turn discharges into a hopper constructed over the premixing screw on the low level machine.

The interconnecting conveyor is free to pivot on the high level machine and is also free to pivot and move relative to the low machine so that steering of the machines is not critical. The movement relative to the lower machine is, however, controlled by winch rope to assist steering the high level machine.

For idle travel the interconnecting conveyor is released from the high level machine and retracted and stowed on the low level machine. This allows the machines to move independently.

When working, one power supply cable is used for the two machines. When in idle travel, separate power supply cables are used.

The specification for the various units are as for the type 5 excavator.

The machine is fitted with lights for night work and equipped with a short wave radio transmitting/ receiving set.


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