Sod Collector (Type V - Hamster)

Sod Collector (Type V - Hamster)

Sod Collector – Type V – Hamster

This machine has the special features of being light, easily manoeuvrable and low maintenance.

Basically the machine consists of a tractor unit carrying across it a belt conveyor, the extensions of which are supported on wire ropes from masts on the tractor unit.

The tractor unit or main machine is lightly constructed and carried on caterpillar type power driven tracks. A selection of eight forward speeds and two reverse speeds are available through an automobile 4 speed gearbox and two chain drives with dog-clutch control. The power unit is a standard diesel power-pack. The machine is steered by coil clutch / brake arrangement.

The conveyor is made up of four separate sections; a section built on the main machine; a section on either side of the machine which is approximately in the horizontal position when working, and an elevator section at the discharge end. The drive from the main machine is through reduction gearbox, using automobile rear axle gears, to the driving pulley of the section on the main machine. The drive to other sections is transmitted through the conveyor belt itself and short chain drives between the end rollers of the sections. Adjustment of all conveyor belts and chain drives is provided.

A system of wire ropes from 'A' frames mounted on the main machine, control the position of the conveyor sections relative to the bog. These ropes are actuated by hydraulic rams. When travelling idle, the side conveyors are hoisted to a safe angle to allow movement over uneven ground and to clear rick ends and other such obstacles.

This machine with shorter conveyor is used for collection of sod peat and peat moss sods from shorter spreads.


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