Peat Moss Cutting Machine (Steba)

Peat Moss Cutting Machine (Steba)

Peat Moss Cutting Machine – Type - Steba

The purpose of this machine is to cut peat moss sods and stack them in wall form along the sides of the trench on the high bog.

The machine is of sturdy construction, comprising a tractor unit on caterpillar tracks, carrying the cutting and stacking mechanisms on the rear.

The tractor is powered by a diesel engine driving through a change speed gearbox. The tracks comprise timber sleepers carried on conveyor type chains running in guides.

The cutting mechanism is basically a spade actuated by beam and cam to descend, cutting a section o£ bog, side, centre and back; at the end o£ the downward stroke a spring loaded knife, carried on the bottom of the spade from the side cutting wings, is released, completing the cutting of the section. The cut section is elevated with the spade on its upward stroke to be received on two hinged pallets, which swing into a horizontal position, forming the table o£ a scraper conveyor.

The section of bog cut is conveyed through cutting discs by the pro¬jecting tongues of the scraper conveyor and 10 of the 12 sods finally formed are received on a mechanised platform section o£ the table, which lowers and upsets the sods in wall form. The two top sods, which are unsuitable for use as peat moss, continue to be pushed by the scraper conveyor onto a chute, which throws them, clear of the side of the machine.


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