Moss Peat Cutting Machine (Steba 69)

Moss Peat Cutting Machine (Steba 69)

Moss Peat Cutting Machine – Type - Steba 69

This machine is similar in most respects to the Steba machine already described in pages numbers 197 to 199 except that the sod size and discharge table are completely new. The section of bog cut by this machine is exactly the same as the old Steba but instead of making ten sods from this section it makes six measuring 41 cm. x 14 cm. x 25 cm. The purpose of changing to these large sods was to facilitate the manufacturer's (Backers) design of a discharge table to place the softer sods in the top of the wall and the firmer sods in the base of the wall and provide generous ventilating space between the vertical sides of the sods.

The discharge table takes up a horizontal position to receive the sods as they are passed along the conveyor through cutting discs. The table itself is divided into three separate sections. As the table is lowered these sections separate by hydraulic action and when in position over the stepped face of the wall the section plates are upset to leave the sods in regularly spaced positions and at different levels. The attitude of the table at the point of discharge has two positions, the same position occurring on each alternate stroke. The wall formed in well drained bog lands to rapid drying as com¬pared with the close packed wall of sods made by the old Steba.


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