More Powerful Locomotives

More Powerful Locomotives

In 1958 Bord na Móna introduced higher powered locomotives. As none were commercially available the company developed their own prototype, which was manufactured by Ruston & Hornsby. This locomotive, LM 175 (Ruston Serial Number 420042) put to service at Ferbane Power Station yard (Boora Works). Before this Bord na Móna‘s Ruston locos had four wheels that were mechanically chain driven, the LM 175 was not only heavier (weighing 6.8 tons), it had a more powerful engine and its wheels were linked and propelled by connecting rods (It was therefore classified as 0-4-0).

Bord na Móna purchased eighteen 0-4-0 Deutz KS28B locomotives (LM 178 to LM 197) in 1960. These were manufactured by Motorenfabrik Deutz, A.G., at Cologne, Germany. The Deutz loco‘s with a 28 HP aircooled engine and weighing only 3.4 tons, were mainly used by Bord na Móna for light work such as the transportation of management and maintenance personnel, and the haulage of service wagons.


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