Milling Attachment (Milled Peat)

Milling Attachment (Milled Peat)

Milling Attachment - Milled Peat – Type – Tripple

Type - Tripple

This attachment does the same operation as the single unit but has about 2½ times the output.

The attachment consists of units similar to the single attachment, ganged together. The front centre unit is attached to the tractor draw-bar while the two side rear units are drawn by brackets from the side of the front centre unit frame. These brackets are pivoted, and the level of the front of the side unit frame is controlled by roller castors running on the bog surface.

The drives to the three milling drums are by universal jointed propeller shafts with splined slip sleeves, two bevel gearboxes and final chain drives. The milling drum speed is lower than the single unit but in all other respects the behaviour of the individual units is the same as the single miller attachment.

For idle travel the units are lifted on hydraulic rams incorporated in the rear castor roller assemblies and depth of cut is also adjusted by these rams, from the driving seat.

The drive to each of the three units is protected by a tension bolt safety device.


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