Miller Attachment

Miller Attachment

Type – Single

This attachment is used on L.H.T. Tractor Type III.

Its purpose is to mill or tear the bog surface to a depth of approximately ½” (12.7 mm.), leaving behind it a layer of powdered peat to be dried by the wind and sun.

The attachment is located at the rear of the tractor unit. It consists of a simple but strong tubular steel frame, the main members of which extend to, and are pivoted, at the mid position of the tractor tracks. Rigidly mounted on the underside of the frame is a pin type milling drum which is driven from the tractor P.T.O. shaft through bevel gearbox and chain drive. The attachment is supported by a ground roller, through springs, located immediately in front of the milling drum and by a depth control castor a few feet behind the milling drum. For idle travel, the attach¬ment is lifted by hydraulic ram so that the pin milling drum is clear of the bog surface.

This attachment, by virtue of the sprung main supporting roller causes the milling drum to cut deeper on the hills and shallower in the hollows, thus having a levelling effect on the bog surface.

The drive to the milling drum is protected by a tension bolt safety device.


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