Milled Peat Loading Machine

Milled Peat Loading Machine

Milled Peat Loading Machine

Type II

The purpose of this machine is to load milled peat from bog stock piles into railway wagons.

The machine consists of a tractor unit carrying a ground spiral on the front, extending either side of the bottom shaft is a bucket elevator which slopes back over the tractor unit. As the buckets go over the top sprockets of the elevator, they discharge onto a rubber belt conveyor which discharges into the wagons.

The tractor unit has a lightly constructed main frame with caterpillar type tracks. A diesel power unit is on the extreme rear of the main frame, overhanging the tracks. The transmission to the tracks is through two standard automobile gearboxes giving a selection of working speeds. These gearboxes are by-passed for idle travel at higher speeds when the full power of the engine is used. Steering is effected by coil clutch and brake arrangement.

The front ground spiral is ribbon type and handed on either side of the bucket/chain elevator so that it transports the peat towards the buckets. A back sheeting is fitted behind the spirals. A high level, short spiral, tears down the face of the large piles to ensure constant loading.

The buckets of the elevator are fabricated steel, bolted to two conveyor type chains, running on sprockets top and bottom and on intermediate rollers.

The spiral and bucket elevator assembly is pivoted at the elevator top shaft centre. The spirals are raised and lowered about this pivot point by hydraulic rams. The transverse level of the spirals is controlled by a torsion bar having a hydraulic ram as a link at one side.

The belt conveyor incorporating standard conveyor rubber faced belting and idlers has a lower end section, of fixed angle of elevation, but is pivoted to swing. The upper section is hinged to the lower portion allowing the jib end to be raised or lowered.

The machine is controlled completely from a driver's cab located on top of the elevator superstructure which position gives clear vision of all parts of the machine and the wagons. A short wave radio transmitting/receiving unit is fitted in the cab and the machine is equipped with lights to facilitate night loading.


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