Loading Machine (Sod Peat)

Loading Machine (Sod Peat)

Loading Machine- Sod Peat –Type II –Deisel
/Loading Machine- Sod Peat –Type II –Deisel

Type II – Deisel

The purpose of this machine is to load sod peat from bog ricks into railway wagons on one side of the rick only.

The machine consists of a lightly constructed main frame mounted on caterpillar type power driven tracks and carrying a short scraper elevator in front, extending over the width of the tracks and a low level cross conveyor which elevates as it projects from the side of the machine.

The machine is powered by a diesel engine and a selection of travel speeds are obtainable by a 4 speed gearbox and change sprockets. Steering is by coil clutches.

The machine is driven into the end of the rick, at a speed to suit the rick size. The sod peat is lifted on the scraper elevator and discharged onto the horizontal portion of the transverse plate/chain conveyor which elevates from the side of the machine to discharge into the wagons alongside the machine. The elevating portion of this conveyor is pivoted to the horizontal portion so that the discharge end can be raised or lowered by winch to suit loading level.

The scraper elevator is pivoted on the top drive shaft centre whilst the lower end is controlled by winch, rope and pulley system.

The machine is equipped with lights to facilitate night loading and a short wave radio receiving/transmitting set is fitted in the driver's cab.

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