L.H.T Tractor (Milled Peat)

L.H.T Tractor (Milled Peat)

L.H.T Tractor – Milled Peat – Type III

Type II

This tractor was designed to operate miller and ridger attachments in accordance with the Peco system of winning milled peat.

The machine consists of a simple main frame with caterpillar type tracks and front steering rollers. It is powered by a diesel engine fitted with automotive type clutch. The transmission is a special speed change gearbox with P.T.O. shaft, and a worm driven bevel gear differential unit, housed in a conventional back axle. The half shafts from the differential unit are coupled to the track drive sprockets direct.

The main frame will accommodate either of two engines, the size depending on the attachment to be used with the tractor.

Steering is manual by hand wheel through a worm reduction gearbox, draglink and track rod. The front axle swings in the vertical plane to avoid undue dis¬tortion of the tractor frame. The front rollers are fitted with a circumferential ring of steel angle section to obtain steering adhesion.


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