Harvesting Attachment (Milled Peat)

Harvesting Attachment (Milled Peat)

Harvesting Attachment – Type II – For use with H.D. Tractor Type II

Type II

The purpose of this attachment is to pick up and convey the ridges of milled peat from the centre of one field to the centre of the next field and finally into he bog stockpile, in accordance with the Peco system. The field spacing is 50 ft. (15.24 Metres) centres.

The attachment consists of a single or twin spiral pick-up unit, a primary conveyor belt and a jib conveyor belt. The spiral unit is positioned at one side of the tractor unit close to the tracks, the primary conveyor runs through the width of the tractor unit, within the tracks d the jib conveyor projects at the other side of the machine.

The spiral unit consists of one or two spirals housed in a sheet metal casing sealed to the bog surface at both ends and at the rear (relative to direction of ravel) by a trailing board, in almost vertical guides. The housing is fixed to the tractor unit by two arms which extend into and are pivoted at the centre of the tractor it. The casing is articulated between the inner and outer supporting ground rollers, so that the unit follows the profile of the bog as accurately as possible. The two outer supporting rollers are carried on a swing beam to ensure that all four ground rollers are taking the load. Axial movement is provided in outer spiral shaft bearing.

The primary conveyor belt is supported partly on the arms of the inner spiral casing and on the tractor. The belt is driven at the delivery end while the pulley at the intake end located close to and fixed to the spiral delivery plate.

The jib conveyor is pivoted on the tractor, on the bottom drive pulley centre which is located below the livery end of the primary belt. The extended jib can raised and lowered depending on what level the peat is required to be delivered.

The jib is controlled by wire ropes which pass over pulleys at the top of a mast and are secured to a hydraulic ram fixed to the mast. The base of the mast is pin jointed o the main machine. The spiral unit is also connected to he top of this mast by wire ropes and hydraulic ram and for idle travel the complete spiral casing is lifted clear of the ground.

Hydraulic controls are also fitted to the trailing boards of the spiral casing and the discharge cowl of the jib belt to control the trajectory line of the peat.

The drive to the spirals is protected by shear pin tension bolt safety device.


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