Drainage Machine

Drainage Machine

Drainage Machine – Type - M.P. Field Slitter

Type - M.P. Field Slitter

This machine was developed to cut slit drains in milled peat fields to accelerate drainage in the poorer quality areas. The drains cut to a definite pattern comprising three longitudinal slits, one central and one on either side, with cross drains giving exit to the ditches at regular intervals. The machine comprises a standard agricultural tractor on full tracks with a chain saw cutting attach¬ment similar to the chain saw machine.

The tractor has a special transmission to give the correct forward travel speeds in second, and third gear. The modification involved the replacement of the gearbox primary gear train and the differential crown wheel and pinion in addition to the insertion of a special reduction gearbox. The tracks comprise flat metal cleats carried on two chains and run on the standard tractor tyred wheels and an additional jockey wheel.

The attachment is carried at the rear of the tractor, is pivoted on the centre of a standard power-take-of f bevel box output shaft and is raised and lowered about this pivot by a hydraulic ram operated from the driving position.

The cutting element is a standard transmission chain with cutting teeth secured to it by welding, running over top driving sprocket and a bottom driven sprocket whose shaft carries a cutting impeller on either side outside the support bearings. These impellers, in conjunction with the cutting chain, excavate a tunnel of rectangular section at the bottom of the slit drain cut by the chain only.

The machine is fitted with a cab with toughened glass windows giving good vision for manoeuvring and observing the behaviour of the attachment.


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