Construction of industrial railway

Construction of industrial railway

Kilberry ramp

Section 22 of the Turf Development Act 1946 gave specific powers to Bord na Mona to “construct such works (including works interfering with public roads, public bridges, railways and inland waterways) as appear to the Board necessary for the exercise or performance of those functions”

Section 23 of that Act further provides that any new road or bridge built by Bord na Mona should be sufficient to carry the like amount (in quality and character) of traffic as the previous road or bridge and should not be substantially less in gradient and curve than previous road or bridge.

Following the Planning & Development Act of 1963, Bord na Mona were required to obtain planning consents to construct level crossings and underpasses from the relevant Local Authority. All underpasses or bridges were designed according to the appropriate standards of the time and in recent times, designed to accommodate highway loading.


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