Advantages of 80 h.p. loco over 50 h.p. loco

Advantages of 80 h.p. loco over 50 h.p. loco

Sod Peat Loading Machine Type I Electric

The increased horse power gives a fast top speed i.e. 15 m.p.h (24 km/hr) against 9 m.p.h (14.5 km/hr) and the turn around of the fuel train of about 100 tons of milled peat is 30% better.
Maximum tractive effort is increased from 7,000 to 10,000 lbs. (3,174 kg. – 4,510 kg.) and a second helping loco is not needed for bad conditions.
The main reduction gearbox is of generous size and should not normally be repaired during the life of the loco.
The fluid fly wheel fitted give good shunting performance by the slip on initial engagement of the clutch.
Large sand boxes can take a day’s supply of sand (5 cu. ft.) and can be filled from outside the cab.
The drive to the wheels is by a cast steel coupling rod and jack shaft. The only wearing parts are six bushes giving a much lower maintenance cost than previous chain drives.
The cab is of ample size giving good view over the wagons. The driver has a comfortable seat facing in either direction of travel.


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