Paddy McEvilly on his early days in Bord na Móna

Type: Audio
Paddy McEvilly joined Bord na Móna in 1952 and spent time in Oweninny, Co. Mayo, he moved to Derrygreenagh and then Croghan briquette factory. Here...

Paddy Hughes on the 1970s fuel crisis

Type: Audio
Paddy Hughes joined Bord na Móna in 1959 as a laboratory assistant. In the 1970s he was appointed manager of Timahoe sod peat works where he became...

Mikie Moyles on life in Oweninny

Type: Audio
Mikie Moyles joined Bord na Móna at Oweninny works when he was 17.He recalls working long hours during the production season and the problems with...

Mark Nugent on union issues

Type: Audio
Mark Nugent's first job in Bord na Móna was digging railway drains at Derrygreenagh. He joined the union in 1959 and describes the conditions and...

Daniel and Kieran Egan on bog work

Type: Audio
Daniel and Kieran Egan discuss working conditions during the 1950s on Blackwater bog. The weather and method of work had a major impact on turf...

John Collins on working in Head Office

Type: Audio
John Collins joined the County Production turf schemes which were taken over by Bord na Móna. He describes administrative work in Head Office.

Dusty Miller on Innovation in Bord na Móna

Type: Audio
Dusty Miller describes joining Bord na Móna and his contribution to research and development during the 1940s and 1950s.

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