Milling Attachment (Milled Peat)

Type: Equipment
Type - Tripple This attachment does the same operation as the single unit but has about 2½ times the output. The attachment consists of units similar...

More Powerful Locomotives

Type: Equipment
In 1958 Bord na Móna introduced higher powered locomotives. As none were commercially available the company developed their own prototype, which...

Locations of Railway Operations & Division

Type: Equipment
Bord na Mona’s industrial railways operate in the following locations; Energy Blackwater / Boora – supplying West Offaly Power Station at...

Level Crossings

Type: Equipment
Bord na Mona’s Industrial Railway includes 97 level crossings and 49 underpasses. In general, at locations where the industrial railway crosses...

Four wheeled simplex locomotive

Type: Equipment
Ten four wheeled Simplex locomotives with hydraulic transmission were bought in 1980, these were manufactured by Simplex Mechanical Handling Ltd.,...

Diesel Locomotive

Type: Equipment
Type 40 and 48HP These are general purpose locomotives of standard manufacture; the smaller unit is used for shunting and bog service, while the...

Description of Operations

Type: Equipment
Bord na Mona operates industrial railways throughout the midland counties of Ireland for the purpose of supplying milled peat to Power Stations,...

Description of an underpass

Type: Equipment
An underpass will generally consist of a single or double reinforced concrete culvert with wingwalls and parapets. Designs of underpasses vary...

Advantages of 80 h.p. loco over 50 h.p. loco

Type: Equipment
The increased horse power gives a fast top speed i.e. 15 m.p.h (24 km/hr) against 9 m.p.h (14.5 km/hr) and the turn around of the fuel train of...

16 Cubic Metre Wagon (Sod Peat)

Type: Equipment
Type: Standard This wagon is used to transport sod peat from the bog ricks, to power stations and tip heads. The wagon has an underframe and body...

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