Type: Photo Album
This is a selection of the machines used by Bord na Móna since its foundation in 1934. We first began using machines in the 1930s and over the...


Type: Photo Album
These photographs show the contribution of Bord na Móna to the local communities in our heartland. From housing estates to exhibitions and employment...

Marino Waltz advertising campaign

Type: Video
The company came up with the Marino Waltz campaign in the 1986 and it was a hugh success running for many years afterwards.

Jimmy Martin on Development

Type: Video
Jimmy Martin discusses work in Bord na Móna, Lullymore briquette factory and overseas consultancy work.

Mark Nugent on union issues

Type: Audio
Mark Nugent's first job in Bord na Móna was digging railway drains at Derrygreenagh. He joined the union in 1959 and describes the conditions and...

Bord na Móna and Bog Conservation

Type: Article
SEAN CANNY, RESOURCE MANAGER, LAND ACQUISITION DEPARTMENT. Taken from Scéal na Móna, Vol. 13, no. 11, December 1996, p28-29. Conservation can be...

Windrower Attachment (Sod Peat)

Type: Equipment
Type-Plough-Used with 35HP. Agricultural Tractor This attachment is used to form windrows of sod peat direct from the spread, when conditions are...

Windrowing Attachment (Plough)

Type: Equipment
This attachment is used to form windrows of sod peat direct from the spread, when conditions are favourable. The attachment consists of two simple...

Windrowing Attachment (Sod Peat)

Type: Equipment
Type 9 Metre Vee-Dozer - for use with Bord na Móna Tractor The purpose of this attachment is to plough hand footed or mechanically windrowed peat...

Windrowing Machine

Type: Equipment
The purpose of the machine (type 3) is to pick up the partly dried sods from the spread ground and form them into windrows to accelerate drying....

Standard Peat-haulage Locomotive

Type: Equipment
The standard peat-haulage locomotive is a diesel-mechanical 0-4-0.The engine is an automotive 6-cylinder which drives a 3-speed power shift...

Standardisation of locomotives

Type: Equipment
The Board has standardised most of its locomotive on one manufacture. The number of types from this manufacture were also strictly limited. The...

Stripping Machine

Type: Equipment
Type I & II The purpose of this machine is to cut away the top layer of poor quality bog from the section which is to be cut by the excavator...

Temporary & main tracks join

Type: Equipment
The standard turnout [where the temporary and main tracks join] is also 9144mm (30ft) in length. It replaces a standard track length and can be...

The Wagonmaster

Type: Equipment
Hunslet built the “the Wagonmaster” to Bord na Móna‘s specifications. Wagonmaster Numbers LM 199 to LM 252 came on stream before 1965, when Bord...

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