Mona Campbell on Head Office

Type: Video
Mona Campbell joined the company during the 1950s and spent time working in the finance department.

Mikie Moyles on Oweninny

Type: Video
Mikie Moyles joined Bord na Móna at 17 years of age. He worked in Oweninny and describes some of the work involved.

Larry Concannon on Oweninny

Type: Video
Larry Concannon spent his entire working life in Oweninny, Co. Mayo. He describes the type of work and the workers he dealt with.

Kathleen Doherty on Coill Dubh

Type: Video
Kathleen Doherty remembers the building of Coill Dubh village and the men who came to work and live there.

John Clohessy

Type: Video
John Clohessy joined the Turf Development Board and describes life in a turf camp, including types of food and games played by the workers.

Jimmy Martin on Development

Type: Video
Jimmy Martin discusses work in Bord na Móna, Lullymore briquette factory and overseas consultancy work.

Eilis Kelly on food for the camps

Type: Video
Eilis Kelly remembers how her father sold vegetables for use in Turraun camp during the 1940s.

Dusty Miller on Innovation in Bord na Móna

Type: Video
Dusty Miller joined the company in 1946. He was based in Newbridge and worked on technical development of peat production during this time.

Ciarán Egan on Blackwater bog

Type: Video
Ciarán Egan began working in Blackwater during the 1950s and describes the hard work and weather conditions at that time.

Ciaran Kelly on transport

Type: Video
Ciaran Kelly started working in Blackwater in 1955, after five years he got involved in transport and spent the rest of his career driving for Bord...

Val Martin on hostel maintenance

Type: Audio
Val Martin joined Bord na Móna in 1947 and his first role was to oversee the hostels and the wellbeing of the workers. He later worked in a...

Tom O'Donnell on civil engineering works

Type: Audio
Tom O'Donnell joined Bord na Móna in 1954 and spent his life designing railways, bridges and roads through the bog lands. He started in Oweninny and...

John Clohessy on life in a turf camp

Type: Audio
John Clossey remembers life in a turf camp, including the type of food supplied in the hostels and the recreational activities available to the men.

Brief History of the Peat Industry in Ireland

Type: Article
DONAL CLARKE Taken from Peatland Utilisation and Research in Ireland, The Irish Peat Society, 2006, p7-12. Keywords: Turf peat, fuel, electricity...

Tom O'Donnell on civil works

Type: Video
Tom O'Donnell discusses the railway system in Bord na Móna and his involvement on the design of it.

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