The Great Day on the Bog – Lá na Móna

Type: Article
Taken from Catholic Bulletin, Vol. 24, May 1934, p424-427 THE great plain, stretching westwards some thirty miles from Dublin is probably the...

Philosophy On The Bog

Type: Article
Taken from Catholic Bulletin, Vol. 25, June 1935, p472-478. See Through The Telescope Of History. "To see Ireland as it ought to be seen," wrote...

Early Days: The Kildare Scheme and the Turf Camps

Type: Article
BY MAUREEN GILL-CUMMINS Taken from Scéal na Móna, Vol. 13, no. 60, December 2006, p70-72. The first real progress with regard to utilizing the...

Luke Dempsey on Lullymore

Type: Video
Luke Dempsey remembers the building of Lullymore briquette factory and some of the people involved, he also relates how the canal was crossed in a...

John Joe Coyne on Clonsast

Type: Video
John Joe Coyne remembers the early development of Clonsast works during the 1930s and 1940s and some of the people involved.

Una Sears on turf in Kerry

Type: Video
Una Sears describes the production of turf in Kerry by making a slurry and then shaping it in the form of sods.

Brief History of the Peat Industry in Ireland

Type: Article
DONAL CLARKE Taken from Peatland Utilisation and Research in Ireland, The Irish Peat Society, 2006, p7-12. Keywords: Turf peat, fuel, electricity...

Early Locomotives

Type: Equipment
Early records show that the company once operated 340 diesel locomotives, with 5,300 specially developed wagons which ranged in size from 4 to 32...

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