Development Machinery

Stripping Machine

Type: Equipment
Type I & II The purpose of this machine is to cut away the top layer of poor quality bog from the section which is to be cut by the excavator...

Screw Leveller Attachment

Type: Equipment
Some of these machines have been converted by replacing the boom, described above, with a screw levelling attachment. The drive to the screw is by...

Screw Leveller

Type: Equipment
Type III The purpose of his machine is to level and camber the fields at an early stage of development of a milled peat bog, to expedite surface...

Matless Draglines

Type: Equipment
In 1958 a new under-frame for the ⅜ cu. yard (.29 cu. m.) dragline was designed to give 2 lbs. / sq. inch (.14 kg. / sq. cm.) bearing pressure...

Levelling Machine

Type: Equipment
Type-Scraper The purpose of this machine is to prepare the surface of the high bog and cutaway for the efficient operation of all other machines, by...

Drainage/Levelling Machine

Type: Equipment
Type-Klasmann A machine designed and developed for operation on bogs, being prepared for, or operating on, moss peat production. The machine is...

Drainage Machine

Type: Equipment
Type - M.P. Field Slitter This machine was developed to cut slit drains in milled peat fields to accelerate drainage in the poorer quality areas....

Drain Cutting Attachment

Type: Equipment
Type - Cross Drain The purpose of this attachment is to cut small drains in milled peat fields from the centre of the field to the ditches...

Drain Cleaner

Type: Equipment
Type-Screw This attachment is used to remove slurry from the bottom of milled peat field ditches and dispose of it by spreading it on the adjacent...

Dragline/Shovel Excavator

Type: Equipment
Types 3/8 CU.YD. (.287 CU.Metres) and 5/8 CU.YD. (.478 CU.Metres) These machines excavate the main outfalls for the bog drainage system in the...

Ditching Attachment - Milled Peat

Type: Equipment
Type Disc The purpose of this attachment is to cut the drains separating the milled peat fields in development bogs and deepen existing drains in...

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