Formation and Types of Peatlands

Taken from Bord na Móna, Fact Sheet no. 2. Peatlands (or Boglands) are biogenic deposits where the incompletely decayed remains from a variety of plants, and occasionally trees, have accumulated in waterlogged areas over hundreds or thousands of years. The deposits are a minimum of 45 cm deep but in the vast majority of instances they range...

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Civil Works in Bord na Móna

By T. J. Lee, Civil Works Section Taken from Irish Engineers Journal Supplement, 1970, p13-15. Civil Works in Bord na Móna include bog survey, bog drainage, design and construction of railways, bridges, roads and yards. Survey The cutting away of peat by hand methods on the perimeters, i.e. face banks of boglands has taken place for at...

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Archaeological Finds in the Peatlands of Ireland

Peatlands have been a very important source of archaeological material in Ireland. Artefacts found both under and within peatland deposits have provided detailed information about communities who lived in the early periods of our history as well as about the food, clothes and tools which were used from the Stone Age to recent times. Why does...

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