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Footing the Turf

BY JACK HARTE Taken from Scéal na Móna, Vol. 13, no. 60, December 2006, p60-61. I chose the title "In the Wake of the Bagger", for my novel of life in the Fifties and Sixties, knowing that it would have the desired air of mystery. Only those of a certain age, from a certain area of the country, would know what a bagger was. How the...

Tags: Work, Community, Scéal na Móna, 1950s

Early Days: The Kildare Scheme and the Turf Camps

BY MAUREEN GILL-CUMMINS Taken from Scéal na Móna, Vol. 13, no. 60, December 2006, p70-72. The first real progress with regard to utilizing the bogs took place in 1933 when C.S."Todd" Andrews became an official of the Department of Industry and Commerce and established co­operative turf societies on a county basis to promote the...

Tags: Work, Community, Scéal na Móna, 1940s, 1930s

Bord na Móna and Bog Conservation

Taken from Scéal na Móna, Vol. 13, no. 11, December 1996, p28-29. Conservation can be defined as taking care of our natural environment and conservation issues usually arise because of human interference in that environment. Questions might be asked about Bord na Móna's direct...

Tags: Environment, 1990s, 1980s, 1970s, Scéal na Móna

Urbanity and Rurality – The Bord na Móna Villages of Frank Gibney

FERGAL MAC CABE, ARCHITECT AND TOWN PLANNER Taken from Scéal na Móna, Vol. 13, no. 60, December 2006, p50-52. So far as is known Frank Gibney had no formal planning or architectural training, although there is a suggestion that he started his career as an engineer in Dublin's Balbriggan. Later in his life he became an associate member...

Tags: Environment, Community, Scéal na Móna, 1950s

Snapshots From Russia – 1956

Taken from Scéal na Móna, Vol. 13, no. 49, December 2003, p12-14. The second visit to Russia by a Bord na Móna delegation came about because the Russian Ambassador of the time, a Mr Maisky, had suggested that there should be an exchange of visits between representatives of the turf industries of both countries. It had been agreed after...

Tags: Culture, Scéal na Móna, 1950s

Peatland Archaeology Since 1999: Archaeological Development Services Excavations and Surveys

BY JANE WHITAKER Taken from Scéal na Móna, Vol. 13, no. 60, December 2006, p66-68. Archaeological Development Services (ADS) Ltd has been the Archaeological Consultant to Bord na Móna (BnM) since 1998 and to date over one hundred and eighty excavations have been carried out in the Counties of Longford, Offaly, and Westmeath as part...

Tags: Environment, Present and Future, Culture, Scéal na Móna, The Ancient Past

Looking back 50 Years – Some Memories of Boora

Dr Finbar Callanan former Bord na Móna Chief Civil Engineer Taken from Scéal na Móna, Vol. 13, no. 60, December 2006, p39-43. I joined Bord na Móna on the 1st of June 1956. Prior to joining the Board I was engaged on the design of the new jetties and harbour facilities for the port of Waterford which had a sizeable expansion programme...

Tags: Work, Development, 1970s, Innovation, 1960s, Scéal na Móna, 1950s

Kilberry Compost (Greenwaste) Plant

Dr Munoo Prasad Taken from Scéal na Móna, Vol. 13, no. 60, December 2006, p55-56 The Kilberry Compost Plant was started mainly as a result of B&Q's policy to reduce its peat usage over the next 5 or 6 years. This policy has the aspiration to reduce peat usage by 90% by the year 2010, although there are some doubts whether this is...

Tags: Present and Future, 2000s, Innovation, Scéal na Móna, Future

Clonsast From Memory – In the Early Days of the TDB

JOHN KEARNS, FORMER CLONSAST CHIEF CLERK Taken from Scéal na Móna, Vol. 13, no. 37, July 2001, p20-23. Since Clonsast seems to have now been abandoned as a Bord na Móna entity, for the benefit of modern readers it is perhaps necessary therefore to state that it was situated about 41/2 miles from Portarlington en-route to Walsh Island in...

Tags: Work, Scéal na Móna, 1940s

Charles Hodgson’s Briquette Factory Derrylea 1860-1867

T.A. Barry Taken from Scéal na Móna, Vol. 1, no. 23, Nov/Dec 1975, p5 The flood-plain of the Rivers Cushina and Figile, tributaries of the Barrow and only three to four miles from Monasterevin as the crow flies, is a remote and lonely countryside, even to-day. In the spring of 1975, only a few scattered stones and a suggestion of long...

Tags: Development, Innovation, Scéal na Móna, Pre-1930s

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