Bord na Móna and Bog Conservation

Taken from Scéal na Móna, Vol. 13, no. 11, December 1996, p28-29. Conservation can be defined as taking care of our natural environment and conservation issues usually arise because of human interference in that environment. Questions might be asked about Bord na Móna's direct...

Tags: Environment, 1990s, 1980s, 1970s, Scéal na Móna

Looking back 50 Years – Some Memories of Boora

Dr Finbar Callanan former Bord na Móna Chief Civil Engineer Taken from Scéal na Móna, Vol. 13, no. 60, December 2006, p39-43. I joined Bord na Móna on the 1st of June 1956. Prior to joining the Board I was engaged on the design of the new jetties and harbour facilities for the port of Waterford which had a sizeable expansion programme...

Tags: Work, Development, 1970s, Innovation, 1960s, Scéal na Móna, 1950s

Third Development Programme

Taken from Scéal na Móna, Vol. 1, no. 18, Summer 1974, p2-4 When the serious threat to this country’s fuel supply resulting from restrictions in the flow of Arab oil became apparent last autumn, Bord na Móna carried out a re-examination of bog areas which had previously been considered incapable of economic development in the face of low...

Tags: Development, 1970s, Scéal na Móna

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