The Great Day on the Bog – Lá na Móna

Taken from Catholic Bulletin, Vol. 24, May 1934, p424-427 THE great plain, stretching westwards some thirty miles from Dublin is probably the district of all Ireland least known to city folk. Dublin men, who will discuss familiarly with you such places as Rosslare or Mullingar, are puzzled at the mention of Clane, Allenwood or Timahoe. So...

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Early Days: The Kildare Scheme and the Turf Camps

BY MAUREEN GILL-CUMMINS Taken from Scéal na Móna, Vol. 13, no. 60, December 2006, p70-72. The first real progress with regard to utilizing the bogs took place in 1933 when C.S."Todd" Andrews became an official of the Department of Industry and Commerce and established co­operative turf societies on a county basis to promote the...

Tags: Work, Community, Scéal na Móna, 1940s, 1930s

Brief History of the Peat Industry in Ireland

DONAL CLARKE Taken from Peatland Utilisation and Research in Ireland, The Irish Peat Society, 2006, p7-12. Keywords: Turf peat, fuel, electricity, horticulture SUMMARY Peatlands have been exploited in Ireland for over a thousand years. From the 17th century there was pressure to develop bogs, seen as wastelands, for agriculture. In the 19th...

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Philosophy On The Bog

Taken from Catholic Bulletin, Vol. 25, June 1935, p472-478. See Through The Telescope Of History. "To see Ireland as it ought to be seen," wrote Nevinson, "one must do so through the eye of the historian." In mapping out his survey he took the year 1200 A.D. as a dividing line, working backwards and forwards some 700 years from that line,...

Tags: Culture, External Publications, Community, 1930s

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